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  “A Really Big Show “

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On this day (April 9th) in 1967 The Doors and The Jefferson Airplane played their first show together at The Cheetah club, on the pier in Venice Calif.  Considered a ” Huge Event” at the time,  these two iconic bands played to a Whopping 3000 fans…Whoa !

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7 comments on ““A Really Big Show “

  1. Dinah Dunn says:

    Love em both. Seen em both but not together. Wish I’d been there.

  2. R shoemaker says:

    I remember when the only place you could listen to your favorite record was on the am radio

    1. Rick says:

      Yes, indeed Mr. Shoemaker. The A.M. Band, no high frequency, no low frequency. But it was all you could receive on nearly all the new hand held portable transistor sets and every new car came with an A.M. Radio in the dashboard. Music sounded like mud on A.M. But in the early Sixties we did’nt know what we were missing. And we loved it !

  3. jwmpc says:

    Did the Hullabaloo ever have two big acts on the same evening?

    1. Rick says:

      Ah yes, The Hullabaloo club, located just east of the corner of Sunset and Vine. In L.A. Calif. it did’n’t have the name value like The Troubadour or The Whisky A Go Go. But on any Weekend the ” Revolving stage ” would feature double bills of the best of 60’s Rock ‘n Roll. You could crowd around the edge of the huge stage or curl up in one of the many big booths and ” Groove to the likes of The Doors, The Turtles, The Seeds, Love, The Music Machine or The Byrds The Hullabaloo also showcased local talent trying to break in, bands like The Yellow Payges, The Palace Guard and my band, The Spydres. I hope you got to spend some time there. It was my weekend home. Check it out !

      1. Rick says: Click the link and see The legendary Whisky A Go Go. Arguably The most famous night spot in the world in the 1960’s Take a look at what you’d see and hear inside ” The Whisky on The Sunset Strip ”
        The band on stage that night was an up and coming band from Eagle Rock California known as ” The Group”…….The drummer for ” The Group” went on to create , among other things ” Sixties Music Secrets. But, in 1967. The Whisky and The Group Rocked

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