A Quick One

Metal Madness

This week’s “Quick One” will focus on “Heavy Metal” and it’s origin! It’s widely believed that “Heavy Metal” entered our musical conscious and nomenclature in the 1970’s when from outta nowhere our speakers were rattling […]

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Did you get “Head” in 1968?

The truth is most people didn’t! “Head” was the first and last feature film starring The Monkees! Released 49 years ago today Nov. 20, 1968….Columbia Pictures produced and distributed the film and everyone believed it […]

A Quick One

Delete The Beatles

Welcome to a new feature at Sixties Music Secrets. Here’s the drill: What if you could travel back in time and completely remove one song from The Beatles incredible repertoire. Yep, eliminate any trace, history […]

A Quick One

“Mash good!”

It was 55 years ago today, Oct. 20, 1962 that Bobby “Boris” Pickett would begin his three-week run at number one on the Billboard charts with his now legendary mega-hit “Monster Mash”. Some called it […]