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  A Day In The Life : The Ballad of John And Yoko

Written on April 14, 2017   By   in A Day in the Life

Didja know that on this day, April 14th 1969 The Beatles ( actually only John and Paul) entered the studio to record “The Ballad of John and Yoko. The first and only single to feature only John and Paul……John on guitars and Paul on Bass, Drums and Piano. However, The Ballad of John and Yoko was notorious for including the word “Christ” in the lyric…”Christ you know it ain’t easy” resulting in many radio stations banning the record, many others made their own edit of the record and edited in the word “Christ” BACKWARDS! however most stations opted to simply “Bleep” out the word Christ. Leading to audiences believing that the “Bleeped” version was how the Beatles intended it. However one station in L.A.  KRLA Played the new hit as it was recorded “Christ and all!….Leading to a fan with a great sense of humor, to take out a mock ad in  Billboard magazine accusing KRLA of wrongfully…”Christing out The Bleeps”….think about it!…..HA!

Christ…. let’s listen, and watch!,the-ballad-of-john-and-yoko,3lvxr.html


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7 comments on “A Day In The Life : The Ballad of John And Yoko

  1. Anonymous says:

    Never heard the bLeep version.

    1. Rick says:

      Well, we’re you exclusively listening to KRLA in southern Calif?….In 1969 there were at least three Top 40 radio stations in L.A. and only KRLA played the Un-bleeped version. Where were you in 1969 and what radio sration did you listen to ?…..Clearly they were “Anti Beatle Bleepers”( or sumthin like that )
      Thanx for joining in the conversation…

  2. Hey brother great info again. Love ya. P S that was one of my favorites u

    1. Rick says:

      Soooooo many Beatle story’s, so little time!….Christ you know it ain’t easy!
      Thanx brother for joining in the conversation!

  3. Rick (aka: Mr. IS ) says:

    Mr. Shoe,
    Great story / info again. Great old song. Brings back some great memories of my past. When I lived in the San Fernado valley I litened to this song on my protable suitcase stereo on the front porch many times ,because there was a girl across the street that came to ride her horse on Mon. ,Wed , and Fridays. I would set up the stereo and play this song ( she loved the song) loud just to get her attention which it did. After her rides she would come over. We would talk for hours. We ended up dating for a couple of months.She had to move her horse to another stable in Simi Valley. Never saw her again. Bummer. I guess I could call it my Ballad of Rick and Sharon LOL !!! LOL !!! Thanks for more memories of the past !

  4. Rick (aka: Mr. IS ) says:

    OOPS ! On my last REPLY about my Vally story I spelled some words wrong . Must have been spacing out again .LOL !! litened – should be listened
    protable – should be portable. Sha sha and groovy spacing out again my friend LOL ! Oh by the way Sharon I found out moved out of state at that time and sold her horse. Never left me her number.Christ you know it ain’t easy ! ha! ha!

    1. Rick says:

      Hey Rick, don’t sweat the spelling sitch…..We never even notice that stuff! However your story about the girl reminds us of another great ( are there any that aren’t gtreat ? )Lennon/McCartney song…Recall when Paul sang…..”You never give me your number, you only give me your funny papers….
      Thanx Mr is….
      We’re off to listen to some Beatle songs on our “protable suitcase stereo”

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