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Month: June 2017

A Day In The Life: “He ain’t heavy”

It was on this day, June 25th in 1969 that The Holles entered Abbey Road studios to begin recording what was to be their next single “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother” The band was so excited about this new song that they decided to approach it a bit differently, they brought in a full orchestra and hired “a professional piano player.” The piano players name was Reginald Dwight and in little over a year he’d become the most famous piano player  in music!


Incidently, Reggie received  12 pounds ( a little over $20 ) for his days work…

( YOU, of course know this but,… Reggie’s PKA is Elton John )


Lets listen to Reggie and The Hollies…

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Sushi anyone?….’60’s style…

Perhaps the oddest song to rule the U.S. Music charts in the 1960’s was the one and only full on Japanese recording called “Sukiyaki” ( yes, like the food ) by Kyu (as in cue )Sakamoto The record burst onto the U.S. Charts the first week of June in 1963, went straight to number one and held the position for 3 weeks! We received little to no information from our local D.J. or fan mags about this odd recording that sounded like “our parents music” by an unknown vocalist, Kyu Sakamoto, whose name we couldn’t pronounce. The songs original title was, “Ue o Miute Aroku” which loosely translates to “I look up when I walk, so my tears won’t fall”…..Yeah, “Sukiyaki” is basically a “Love gone wrong song” But the U.S. Record label changed the title to “Sukiyaki.” A word that never appears in the song, and has nothing to do with the lyric, the label picked it because they thought it was the only Japanese word Americans may recognize and repeat !  Kyu, meanwhile was a handsome talented singer/actor/ musician showing up on “Bandstand” Ed Sullivan etc. and somehow breaking through and appealing to America’s youth! Made even more difficult by the fact that in 1963 many of our parents were still holding a huge racist grudge against the Japanese from Pearl Harbour and World War II. “Sukiyaki continued on to become a number one record around the world with sales in excess of 13 million singles
Our fondest memory of this record was singing along with it and mispronouncing the Japanese lyrics struggling to translate and make sense of it…….”Oh how are you ooo ooo ooh, give me a call al al all” something like that! Admit it, you did the same, dintja?
…OK. Lotus Blossom it’s time to sing along with Kyu…

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A Day In The Life: The Rolling Stones…

Didja know that on this date June 7th in 1964 The Rolling Stones were in the middle of their first tour of America
At their performance in San Antonio Texas, the band was Boo’d off the stage. The quick thinking promoter immediately brought the opening act back out on stage……However, that act was a group of performing MONKEYS!….
We’re sure there’s a great joke in here somewhere, but we’ll let it go….Meanwhile, here’s “Monkey Man” by The Stones..Give it a click!

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