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“The Day The Earth Stood Still”

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That’s how it felt 50 years ago today, June 1st. 1967….We ditched  school,  called in sick, threw parties and told our parents to leave us alone…..We listened non stop for hours, days weeks, months thru the years right up to today, and that’s what we’ll do for the rest of this afternoon and evening…..50 years on! And what is so remarkable we’ll probably hear something we hadn’t heard before… The way The Beatles wanted it to be!

Meanwhile, today around the world, the running topic of conversation will be Sgt. Pepper. Today there will be more written about this record than just about anything else which is profound because, to date, more has been written about Sgt. Pepper than any other record since 1877! ( The year Thomas Edison invented The Gramaphone) There is little we’d like to do more than wax professoriallay about Sgt Pepper and The Beatles, but thru the years we’ve done that all to often! Instead we thought you’d appreciate hearing from the band themselves! So, we’ve included a link to a compilation of Beatle comments about each track from their Iconic Masterpiece. From the opening guitar shreds of Sgt “P”  thru to the final “E” chord that was played on three piano’s and sustains for FORTY seconds closing out “A Day in the Life and side two

Click the link and enjoy a song by song breakdown from John, Paul, George and Ringo!


But here’s the best part…As you read what the band has to say…Take a listen to the rare take #9…



We know you have one… So, please don’t be shy….We want to hear it all!




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