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Kingdom Of The Apes

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There are countless similarities and commonalities between Elvis, “The King of Rock and Roll” and Michael Jackson, the self proclaimed “King of Pop” Not the least of which is Lisa Marie Presley  The daughter of the former and the wife of the latter. You also, certainly recall “Bubbles”, Michael’s pet chimpanzee who was his constant companion and toured with him everywhere…

However, didja know that Elvis also had a beloved pet Chimpanzee?

Yep his name was “Scatter” and in the early 60’s Elvis and Scatter were inseparable. Some of you may remember “Chatter” a Saturday morning kids show starring a chimpanzee named “Chatter” who was “Scatter’s” twin brother…Are you with us so far? Both Chimps were trained performers. However “Chatters” training was benign,  Playing with cats and dogs, riding a bike etc. “Scatter’s” training included one particular trick Elvis and his henchmen loved. Scatter would sneak up behind any females in his presence and lift the back of their dress or skirts, much to Elvis’ joy and laughter. But! As Scatter was rewarded for his behavior he became more confident and aggressive with his antics, more than crossing the line and violating the women in the room. It didn’t take long before Elvis and his team realized that “Scatter had become a huge liability. Sooooo Elvis built a special properly outfitted/climate controlled room where Scatter was exiled anytime Elvis had company or wasn’t around to manage the monkey

Scatter only listened to Elvis…

After barely a year of semi “Solitary Confinement” Scatter was found dead at the top of the rooms drapes, clinging on and looking out the window…..”Don’t Be Cruel”

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  1. Very cool stuff brother!

    1. Rick says:

      Hey brother….Yeah, we thought we had heard of all Elvis’ strange “proclivities” ( and we’ve heard some really strange things) However, this “Monkey Business” somehow escaped us!
      Glad you appreciated it as much as we did…

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