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  A Day In The…..”Death” : Paul

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It was on this day Sept. 23, 1969 that The Northern Star Newspaper from the University of Northern Illinois ran a story that claimed Paul McCartney was killed in an automobile accident three years earlier and was replaced by an impersonator named Billy Shears
Immediately after the story ran popular disc jockey Russell Gibb of WKNR in Detroit ran with the story and convincing the world became his mission
Yes, Russell is considered “Ground Zero” for the infamous “Paul Is Dead Hoax”!
…..Just for fun, here are some of the silly clues and theories that supported the conspiracy
…True believers, including many journalists and D.J.s began referring to the replacement Paul as “Faul”…….Faux-Paul, get it?
….On the back cover of Sgt. pepper George is pointing at the Lyric “Wednesday morning at five ‘O clock.” Allegedly the day and time Paul was killed!
On the back cover of Abbey Road, a Volswagon Beetle is parked on the street with a license plate that reads “28 if” True believers claim that it’s a reference to Pauls age. They believe Paul was 27 when he died and would be “28 IF, he had survived”….Are you with us, so far?
…..In the final groove of Strawderry Fields Forever, believers believe they can hear John say “I buried Paul” years later John admitted it was him just muttering some nonsense. “I buried Paul” was actually “Cranberry Sauce”
…..In the performance of “Your Mother Should Know” from Magical Mystery Tour, Paul is wearing a BLACK carnation while the other three are wearing RED ones!
…..And our all time favorite; If you play “Revolution Number Nine” ( from The White Album ) BACKWARDS, the clinical unknown voice that hauntingly repeats “Number Nine, Number Nine…becomes “Turn Me On Deadman”….actuyally kinda creepy!
SO! How about you? Do you recall this insane conspiracy, did you buy into it, and most important, do you have any further clues we may have missed?


2 comments on “A Day In The…..”Death” : Paul

  1. Rick (aka: Mr. IS ) says:

    I remember all of those and never thought any were true , because all the news outlets , T.V., newspapers , magazines would have been reporting and talking about it for days. Was a good “Hoax” though for awhile. Got everyone talking about it and brought out more of the Beatles music / songs ( like they really needed that LOL !!! ) Groovy man ! and far out.

    1. Rick says:

      Yes Mr. Is, we completely agree with you…. We have always been serious “conspiracy doubters” and realize now our doubts actually began with this silly incident!
      ……..I always wondered, if Paul was dead, who was cashing those very large royalty checks?
      “strange days’ indeed”
      Thank you Mr. Is…

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