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  Delete The Beatles…

Written on October 24, 2017   By   in A Quick One...


Welcome to a new feature at Sixties Music Secrets. Here’s the drill: What if you could travel back in time and completely remove one song from The Beatles incredible repertoire. Yep, eliminate any trace, history or evidence of one Beatle song, as if it never existed.Forever removed from our collective culture and memory!
What Beatle song would YOU choose AND WHY?

To get things started, we offer up our first choice of which Beatle song should be forever banished from Beatledom and Beatle history. Our choice: From The White Album, “The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill”

Why? Because the melody sounds like a child’s nursery rhyme, Lennon tries so hard to make a lyrical point, but misses his mark

Lastly the highest crime of all. “Bungalow Bill” is the first Beatle record to feature someone other than John, Paul, George and Ringo singing on it. And that someone is Yoko Ono….Or as we like to refer to her “Yoko OH NO”

But now most importantly; WHAT’S YOUR PICK? and why?

Let ‘Em rip!

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16 comments on “Delete The Beatles…

  1. Jimmy says:

    OK, Rick, I’ll jump in…I guess I would go WAY back and choose “A Taste of Honey” from “Introducing The Beatles” I remember the excitement created by the early Beatles songs (“Please, Please Me” “I Saw Her Standing There”) and for some reason this song just seemed so out of place. Lacking in the energy associated with The Beatles of 63/64. It sounded OLD to me then, it sounds OLD to me now. I’m with you on “Bungalow Bill” too. It’ll be interesting to read the selections of other Beatle fans. Carry on…

    1. Rick says:

      Hey Jimmy, I’m with you re: “A Taste Of Honey! All I can think is “What were they thinking?
      However I do recall reading an article where the writer just threw them a bunch of Q’s and A’s
      There was one question when the interviewer asked why they recorded “Till There Was You”? Paul responded by saying “We always like to throw one in for the Mum’s and Dad’s…
      Perhaps that’s in the mix with “A Taste Of Honey”
      But, were with you! Throw it on the wood pile and Go Figure.
      Thanx Jimmy, always great to see you show up here at SMS…

  2. Julie says:

    “And Your Bird Can Sing” on the Anthology album to me seemed a mishmash of lyrics and no real Beatles sound. It was said that John called it a “horror” and I can see why.

    1. Rick says:

      Hey Jules… Whoa! “And Your Bitd Can Sing”?
      Well, your honor, we have to beg you to parden this selection
      What about that incredible guitar duet that opens the song and features George, Paul and Eric Clapton?
      Not doing it for ya?
      I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one….
      Hmmmmm and Thanx Jules

      1. Julie says:

        an incredible guitar duet does not a Beatles song make

        1. Rick says:

          Ya gotta love a girl who sticks to her guns! Even when they may be aiming at The Beatles!
          Thanx Jules. Viva L’attitude….

  3. Rick (aka: Mr. IS ) says:

    One of the songs that always bored me ( yes I know it was a real big hit at one point ) was ” I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND ” It was sooo repetitious with the “I want to hold your hand” and “I can’t hide” in the song that I wanted to tear my hair out , yet so many people (girls especially I would say ) went bonkers over it . Why ??? Until this day I don’t know why girls would faint and scream when they sang that .

    1. Rick says:

      Mr. Is…WHOA! Are you actually saying that the song that broke and established them in the U.S.A. Is boring?
      We’re speechless ( now there’s a first ) Not sure what to say about this earth shaking revelation!
      So, we’ll share a story about “I Want To Hold Your Hand”
      As you may know, Bob Dylan was a huge Beatle fan. One of the reasons why involves “I Want To Hold Your Hand”
      As the story goes, when Dylan first heard the song, he believed when they got to the part ( that annoys you ) where they sing “I can’t hide, I can’t hide” Dylan thought they were singing… I get high, I get high”

      Dylan thought, He’ll if these Guy’s are bold enough to sing about getting high, THEY GOTTA BE GOOD!
      “From the mouths of babes”
      Thanx Mr. Is, your post will keep us thinking all week!

  4. Jim Gorman says:

    Alright . . . with all due respect to George Harrison, I’ll vote for “Only a Northern Song” I have no idea what to make of this song, and I am pretty sure nobody else does either.

    1. Rick (aka: Mr. IS ) says:

      I’m with you on this song Jim . It doesn’t cut it and I to don’t really know what to make of it and the melody is just BORING !! yes I said it again like I said about I Want To Hold Your Hand . Groovy and far out.

  5. Rick says:

    Hey Jim Gorman,
    First we’d like to say “We’re with you on this one. For us, whenever George made one of his rare contributions to a Beatle record it was always outstanding with the exception of your choice of “Only a Northern Song” and the dreary “Blue Jay Way” from Magical Mystery Tour.
    Meanwhile, a little insight that YOU likely already know. “Northern Songs LTD is a music publishing company that was formed early on between a local U.K. Music publisher Dick James and The Beatles.
    With that in mind, study the lyrics and you can see how George is actually poking fun at Beatle songs
    A sweet slice of self deprecating Beatle humor by George

    Thank you James, always a treat when you join us, come back soon!

  6. ron wood says:


    the wood

    1. Rick says:

      Hey Wood, just so we’re clear,
      According to paragraph nine of the Rules, Covenents and By-Laws of Sixties Music Secrets
      No recording of any kind featuring the Asian distraction known as Yoko Ono ( or Oh No! ) shall ever be deemed or considered as a Beatle recording! ! ! ! ! ! !
      Thanx for sparing us !!!!
      P.S. Management reserves the right to immedidiately do whatever the heck they want, if such a recording should appear!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I know this is under the wire but my week long prolonged meditations of beatle songa I MIGHT DELETE from my play lis would be “Happiness is a Warm Gun” really never liked it to begin with but psychologically karmac if i consider the way john left us!!! And “Helter Skelter” made perhaps indelible in our collective consciouness by manso (charlie)!!!
    the wood

    1. Rick says:

      Hey Ron Wood. Yes, we completely agree. The horrible irony of Lennon’s “Happiness is a Warm Gun” is just too much to take…..”It’s Outta Here”…….And Helter Xkelter is simply not McCartney’s best work, let alone the Charles Manson association! So, it’s outta here as well!
      Thanx Wood, EXCELLANT bad choices…

  8. Ron wood says:

    Happiness is a warm gun…. Never liked it! Maybe because of the way in which john was tsken from us!!!
    the woof

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