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Didja know that this week in 1975, “Playboy’s” annual music poll named Karen Carpenter “The best Drummer in popular music”…. OMG!
Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham came in at number two!…?

Did you ever see The Carpenters live? We did, and there was no question that Karen was an incredible…..SINGER!

For us, this honor speaks volumes about who read playboy and, of course why!

…..And yes that’s Karen in the picture…

How about you? How did you rate “?The lead sister” from The Carpenters?

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2 comments on “Hunh?….

  1. Ron Wood says:

    We have a best of carpenters cd —— is karen playing drums on those studio recordings???
    You drummers ALWAYS LOOK GOOD SINGING AND DRUMMIN’ all at the ssme time!!! No easy i bet!!!???
    Thanx…. the wood

    1. Rick says:

      Hey Wood,
      You’re not the first to ask the question about who’s playing drums on Carpenters records?
      There are some very early recordings featuring Karen and if your collection includes their cover of The Beatles “Ticket to ride” that’s Karen on drums! Beyond that, The Carpenters relied heavily on “session player’s” especially “The Wrecking Crew”
      Great question Wood…

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