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  The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week (How good are you?)

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TRIVIA TUESDAY ! For March 13th

But first !…Congratulations and Kudo’s go out to two of our regular readers who correctly answered last week’s TRIVIA guestion

Which was ; In The Beatles first film “A Hard Day’s Night, there is a scene where one Beatle pretends to “SNORT COKE” !

Which Beatle was it and where’d he do his SNORTING ?

The  correct answer is…John Lennon in the train compartment ! Congrats to Jim Gorman, for the correct answer of John, however Jim wasn’t sure where “?The Snort” happened. BUT, Jim also very correctly pointed out that John was “snorting” from a “PEPSI” Bottle!


Additional congrats go out to long time reader John Zambetti,  for correctly answering the total question! AND for pointing out that if that scene  had been shot today,  PEPSI would have paid “Thru the NOSE” for the product placement! Those were John’s words not ours

Thanx John, correct and quite clever!….

BUT NOW ! Here is this week’s Trivia question ;  Give us the titles of SiIX ( 6 ) Beatle Songs that include the name of a color IN THE TITLE ?

For complete clarity, your titles must be from the 13 studio albums / singles The Beatles released between 1963 and 1970 ! Live recordings, Bootlegs, Anthologies etc.  don’t count !  And,  for further clarity “Mustard” is a condiment and “Strawberry” is a fruit, neither count as colors !…

Yeah, Yeah, YEAH !










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One comment on “The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week (How good are you?)

  1. Rick (aka: Mr. IS ) says:

    Well here we go….1) Blackbird 2) For You Blue 3) Baby’s in Black
    4) The great Yellow Submarine 5) Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 6) Blue Jay Way and a couple more since I’m on a roll 7) Golden Slumbers and of course one of my faves from way back 8) Old Brown Shoe. There you have it Mr. Shoe. Groovy man and out !!! the IS

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