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  The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week (How good are you?)

Written on June 19, 2018   By   in A Quick One...

“Good “Day Sunshine”…Tomorrow is the first day of Summer !…..But, today is Trivia Tuesday for June 19th….And here come the winners of last weeks Trivia quiz. Only two readers showed up and only one reader got it right. The question was, name 5 songs that were recorded and released by both The Beach Boys and The Beatles, much harder than it sounds! BUT, Jumpin’ Jim Gorman chimed in with…” Rock n Roll Muic”…”You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”….”A Little Help From My Friends….”Tell Me Why”….and…”I shoulda Known Better” Absolutely Correctamundo Mr. Gorman! However, a tip of The SMS Hat goes out to Denise for being the FIRST reader to chime in with one…The aforementioned Chuck Berry classic…”Rock n Roll Music…

Congrats to you Denise, and of course the brilliant Jim ( I love the Beach Beatles ) Gorman!

…..But now it’s time for this weeks Trivia Question, and it’s a mouthful ! … Who is Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie?…What is the title to her one and only number one record…What is the name of the Blockbuster film that featured both her, and her song?…….AND finally, What was the name of her Rock Star Husband ?





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7 comments on “The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week (How good are you?)

  1. Steven Winogradsky says:

    This is the stage name for Lulu, who had a #1 record with To Sir With Love, from the movie of the same name. She was married to Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees.

    1. Rick says:

      Hey Mr. Dub-Ya,
      As usually the case, you weighed in with the correct answer, practically before I finished the question!
      Way to go my old friend
      And if I got this right, all the while vacationing in France?

  2. Julie says:

    That would be “LuLu” with her hit “To Sir With Love” and the movie with the same name. It was also the opening song of the James Bond movie “Man With the Golden Gun”. She was married to Maurice Gibb.

    1. Rick says:

      Hey Jules,
      I knew you’d be on this one!….Yeah, Lulu…
      However, Lulu did in fact preform the opening theme for “The Man With The Golden Gun” But, it wasn’t “To Sir With Love” she sang “The Theme From The Man With A Golden Gun”…totally different song!
      And you are further on the money with her marriage to former Bee Gee Maurice Gibb! Didn’t we used to call him “The ugly Bee Gee,”or was that Robin, or was Robin the one we called “The bald Bee Gee” ?
      So many Bee Gee’s, So little time!…
      But WOW, we loved them!
      Thanx Jules

  3. Rick (aka: Mr. IS ) says:

    Marie McDonald McLauglin Lawrie was Lulu. Her big time hit was the great “To Sir with Love” with the movie being of the same name. Brings back good ole memories of my younger brother Ray who watched that movie probably 10 times +. It was a good movie I’ll have to say even though it was a chick (as they say) flick. She was married to Maurice Gibb’s of the famous Bee Gee’s. There you have it. Groovy man and out. the IS !

    1. Rick says:

      Well Mr. Is,
      You ARE Groovy and RIGHT!
      I have fond memories of visiting your house and hearing the Bee Gee’s blasting out of nearly every room…
      Thanx for the memories
      Mr. Shoe

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