Do You Want To Know A Secret?

The King and The Crook

Didja know, that it was on this day, Dec. 21st. 1970, when a stretch limousine carrying Elvis Presley pulled up outside the White House in Washington, D.C. The driver handed over a letter from Elvis […]

Our Favorite Things

The Sixties As They Almost Were

Hey SMS readers!  This week we’re introducing our very special guest blogger, who has contributed todays’ Featured Article! He is the very talented JOHN ROSS, who has a fantastic blog over at  We’ve been following […]

A Quick One

“Let There Be Drums”

Tubs, Skins, Kits, Traps…..DRUMS! If you’re a regular reader of SMS, ( and we sincerely hope you are ) you know we have examined and inquired about your favorite Rock ‘n Roll scream and your […]