Ed Sullivan & The Rolling Stones

It was on this very day, Sunday, January 15, 1967 that the Rolling Stones appeared on The Ed Sullivan show to perform their new single. “Let’s Spend The Night Together” After reviewing the songs lyric Mr. Sullivan demanded that they change the lyric to “Let’s Spend Some Time Together!

During the live performance, an obviously annoyed Mick Jagger could be seen “rolling his eyes each time he sang the changed lyric, only to have Ed Sullivan announce that The Rolling Stones were forever banned from ever appearing on his show again!

Yes, Mr Ed was a tough guy, but The Stones took it in stride, in fact they just released their latest Album last month. 50 years later!

Did you see the program that Sunday ? It was priceless!  Pictured above, Mr. Sullivan giving Mick a ‘stern talking to’!

Here’s the rehearsal video of the Stones’ infamous performance on The Ed Sullivan Show.


    • Hey Jim, thanx for this great link to the same pen that brought us the grammatically challenging “I can’t get me no Satisfaction”…
      Furthermore, contrary to what Mick suggests, he is regarded as one of the most astute businessmen in the music biz!…..
      Thanx Jim, you’ve done it again!

  1. one-half of a century…yes I saw it…never had a clue about censorship I was slightly in tune with the Elvis hip thing…couldn’t see a problem here. I just knew that all our friends were listening to the stones….I remember “Connection” and of course “Satisfaction. would never have had a clue that 50 years later I would still be listening to mick and the boys and of course “Ron Wood”..not original member but OK!!! the wood

    • Hey Wood, Yep….Ol’ Mr. Sullivan use to keep a pretty tight noose around the neck of his performers, especially the “Rock and Roll types” You referenced the famous incident during Elvis’ debut on The Ed Sullivan show where Ed demanded that the camera’s only shoot Elvis from above his “hips”…..Unbelievable!…Meanwhile, back to 1967, the same year the Stones were band from ever appearing on Ed’s show, The Doors made their debut appearance, and like The Rolling Stones, they too were issued a stern warning about their lyrics. Mr. Sullivan didn’t like the lyric from the bands mega hit “Light My Fire” specifically “Girl we couldn’t get much higher”…But, Jim Morrison and the band treated Sullivan’s warning with complete disregard and, in fact, upon completing their performance, the band turned to Sullivan and grinned at him! That was it…..We never saw The Doors on The Ed Sullivan show again!….

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