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“A Day In The Life”

It was on this day, November 9th 1969 that Simon and Garfunkel went into the studio and recorded what was to become their signature song. “Bridge Over Troubled Water” The recording featured Larry Knectel on Piano, with an assist from The Wrecking Crew. Art Garfunkle felt that Paul should sing the song.  But Pual insisted that Art’s voice was better suited for the song, a decision Paul later admitted he regretted.

Upon it’s release in early January 1970, the  recording shot to the number one position on The Billboard Chart, where it would stay for six weeks and sell over Six Million copies worldwide!

“Bridge Over Troubled Water would go on to win Five Grammy awards in 1971 including “Song of the year” and “Record of the year”…..

Let’s listen to their masterpiece and reflect on who we were,  and where we were the first time we heard it…

Where were you?












2 comments on ““A Day In The Life”

  1. Rick says:

    hey Ronnie…Over the years we’ve all read plenty about The Monkees. and this incredible decade of music, however, in the brief paragraph you shared here on SMS, you, my friend ,wrote the most focused, accurate, and eloquent review that I can remember…
    “Casting their eternal shadow”….Indeed!
    Thanx Woody for raising the bar of eloquence on this weeks commentary!
    Oh, and yeah…..The Monkees Ruled! !

  2. Rick says:

    Hey John, Great to see you here on the site. And of course we always love it when someone quotes from a Monkees song. And we certainly share your appreciation for The Monkees. Furthemore you make an Excellant point about The Monkees not being the first “put together” act. You are dead on with your example of Peter, Paul and Mary. The trio was organized by uber manager Albert Grossman who also supplied them with a repetioire of incredible songs written by his newest charge, Bob Dylan!
    By the way, did you know that although Peter, Paul and Mary had several huge hits, most of them written by Dylan. They only had one #1….And no, it wasn’t “Puff The Magic Dragon” it was “Leaving on a Jet Plane” written by their good friend John Denver
    Thanx John, Thanx for sharing your considerable knowledge of Sixties Music!…….Lets listen

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