Sixties Music – From The Wrong Side…

Didja know that in 2008 Neil Diamond became the oldest artist to attain the Billboard number one position with his album “Home Before Dark” Neil was 67 years old. Prior to Neil accomplishing this dubious achievement, Bob Dylan was the oldest dude to have a number one album. Dylan’s ‘Modern Times hit the top spot in 2006 Bob was 65!


  1. Bob Dylan will never be finished untill his spirit ascends our plane of existance!!!! He is the most remarkable poet of our time!! I don’t go through any day without listening or plsying something from this sage from higher realm. He is right there with Lennon —– a constant in my life’s influences!
    the wood

    • Hey Jules…..I like how your thinking! I think we should get into the studio and start cutting some tracks, before we get any older!
      Ah 1, 2, 3, 4….

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