And…Eight days a week!

It was on this day, Nov. 19th way back in 1962, The Beatles played gigs at three different venues. First they performed a lunchtime show at The Cavern Club, Liverpool, followed by an 85-mile drive to the Midlands, where they performed at Smethwick Baths Ballroom and then at the Adelphi Ballroom, West Bromwich in Staffordshire. During these very early days for the band, this was not an unusual schedule with the final set at the Adelphi Ballroom going into the wee hours of the morning! It was this grueling schedule and their commitment to honing their live performance that took them from being a former “Skiffle group” to, well… The Beatles!
However, this is also where The band were first introduced to drugs! “popping” Uppers to get them through the rigorous days and late rocking nights and then “downers” to get the much needed rest in those wee morning hours after the last drink and last girl!….”Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”

Here’s a look and listen of how they sounded in those early days…


  1. Rick, in watching this video you can’t help being impressed with how much they changed over their arc, and yet at the same time how little. Does that make sense? You see John and Paul out front, and Ringo and George one step back. Their style has already started to move away from the up-do Rocker to the shaggy dog antiestablishment rebel, but not quite. The chord progression is that of a by the numbers garage band, a la “Anna Crater”, but still you get the sense that they are itching to break loose. Anyway, thanks for this post. Keep them coming.

    • Hey Jim!
      First, I completely understand what you’re saying and of course agree with you! Additionally, I always admire your keen eye for detail!! In that regard, with reference to their “stage line up,” no accident there, even in those early days they knew they had a certain visual value with Paul’s bassneck shooting off “ stage right” with Jon’s guitar neck shooting off “stage left” at times in the dim light of silouhett, the stage looked like it had antennas! A very deliberate move by the band. Over the years I’m surprised that image was not used more as a kind of Logo, You get what I’m saying?
      Meanwhile, your comment about the song is spot on, yes, basic, garage band! But it’s not a n early Lennon McCartney comp. it’s an early Lieber and Stroller song…..Makes sense don’t it??
      Lastly we gotta give you a tip of the Ole SMS hat for evoking that legendary garage band from the San Fernando Valley “Anna’s Crater”! Wow, talk about a band ahead of their time? Unbelievable! I often wonder what Anna would be doing today if she hadn’t opted for self exile after that first incredible record!
      Thank you James, look forward to your further thoughts…

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