A Day in the Life

The Butcher Cover!

It was on this day, March 25, 1966 that The Beatles met at Bob Whitaker’s photo studio in London for a photo shoot of what was to be the cover for their next (ninth) album […]

A Quick One

Semolina Pilchard?

It was on this day Sept. 29, 1967 when The Beatles put the finishing touches on the mix for John Lennon’s “I Am The Walrus”. John, irritated after reading in the newspaper that a teacher […]

A Quick One

“96 Tears”

You, of course remember and likely loved the “cheesy” garage band classic “96 Tears” by  ? And the Mysterians in 1966.  But, did you know that the original title of the song ( written in […]

A Quick One

Herman’s Hermits

Didn’t you love Herman’s Hermits featuring Peter Noone as “Herman”? Although considered a singles artist and never critical darlings, they had over a half dozen huge and very diverse hits “Something Good” “Mrs Brown You’ve […]

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

The Righteous Bros.

We’ve all heard plenty of insane stories about the legendary and notorious record producer Phil Specter! Our favorite, however, occurred during the production of what many believe was Specters signature “Wall Of Sound” recording. “You’ve […]

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

1967 – The Golden Anniversary

Today, Sunday January first 2017 marks “Day One” of the fiftieth anniversary of the most prolific, diverse, creative and experimental year of music in the decade of the greatest music in history! Like no year […]

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

“Love Me Don’t”

Didja know that Ringo is not playing drums on The Beatles classic debut single “Love Me Do” Nope, and it isn’t Pete Best ( the bands original drummer ) either. It is actually a Scottish […]