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The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week (How good are you?)

Don’t know about you, but…. We blinked and WHAM! It’s mid-May! AND what’s more, it’s TRIVIA TUESDAY for May 15th
But first, Big SMS congratulations go out to the one and only SMS reader who correctly answered last weeks question, which was; Match 7 “Teen Idols” with their 7 debut hits?…..The lovely Julie and only the lovely Julie weighed in early and correctly!…..She also shared a family secret, she revealed that her even lovelier mother had a crush on James Arness….but that’s another story……Way to go Jules, and thanx for sharing. BUT NOW, It’s time for this weeks question; According to this huge hit from 1963, the band lyrically reveals that “She’s bored, relieved, stroked and ported”….Who is She? And, who is the band?
Yeah, this question is “No day at the beach”…..?

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Hunh ? ( one more time )

It was on this day, April27th 1969, Pink Floyd appeared at Mothers Club in Erdington, Birmingham, England. Radio 1 D J John Peel reviewed the gig as ‘…sounding like dying galaxies lost in sheer corridors of time and space’. Recordings from this show were included in the group’s 1969 album ” Ummagumma” An appropriate title and response to Peel’s ethereal “Spacey” desription of the bands performance!

P.S. For those of you who actually know what “Ummagumma” means, please refrain from mentioning it here! We wouldn’t want the language police to give us any trouble here at SMS ! ?

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Strange loves Indeed…


Do you recall the odd and strange-looking band “The Strangeloves” ?  We’ll bet you recall and loved to dance to their two huge hits “I Want Candy” and “Night Time, Is The Right Time”….But, here’s the best part

During the 60’s British Invasion, The New York based, Strangeloves billed themselves as an Australian outfit to cash in on the mystique being attached to foreign groups. They made outrageous claims that they hailed from the fictitious farming  region of Armstrong, Australia ! They claimed that they were Shepherd’s in this remote ( nonexistent ) locale They went on to claim that they had made huge fortunes by developing a way to successfully clone sheep!!

The Strangeloves really weren’t a band, they were three New York songwriters / record producers. Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein and Rickard Gotterher….In 1963 the trio had just come off writing and producing the infectious “My Boyfriend’s Back”  by The Angels and tried to develop a series of girl groups but failed. However in 1965 they came up with the “Sheep Story” Put on “Sheep Herder duds” ? And Cut the two aforementioned songs and the joke was on us !

Later in the year, they recruited über Guitarist / Vocalist Rick Derringer, dropped all the Shepard B.S., renamed the band The McCoys and recorded and released the now classic, “Hang On Sloopy” which was actually “I want Candy” sideways !

Here’s a listen to “I Want Candy…

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Thee’ best Rock ‘n’ Roll scream!…



It takes many elements to make a great record…Talent, creativity, a great lyric and melody and a healthy dose of spontaneity! A surprising guitar lick, or drum fill, a harmony from nowhere and for us,a searing full-voiced “ROCK AND ROLL SCREAM” whose reverb and echo unit is the singers very soul!
Sooo, it’s here, where we want to know… “what is your favorite Scream, from what song and who did it ?….. We, of course prefer if it’s a 60’s act and it may be a man or a woman ( Janis, for instance is “The Queen Of Screams )

To get things started, we’ll share the scream that we believe defines the 60’s, perfectly punctuates the song and singularly raises the recording to a fevered place!
…..Roger Daltrey’s incredible burst of vocal energy as “Won’t Get Fooled Again” approaches its final crescendo! Simply Superhuman!


Here’s our pick, have a listen…How say you?


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But Bill,….why man?



You of course remember and are a bit curious about the mercurial, reclusive, quiet, gum – chewing  former Bass player for The Rolling Stones Bill Wyman?  When it came to the success and fame of the Stones Bill was, at best indifferent .  Bill avoided most of the trappings of a rock stars life, while he enjoyed a drink only once in a while and hardly touched POT Wyman claimed he was addicted to girls! In fact in 2001 Maxim magazine put him in the top 10 for bedding women, at that time Wyman asserts he had slept with over 1000 women. But, dear reader get out your calculator and slide rule cuz here’s where it gets complicated. Bill got married to his first wife Diane in 1959, they had a son Stephen Paul Wyman in 1962 and the couple was divorced by 1969.

On 2 June 1989, aged 52, Wyman married 18 YEAR OLD Mandy Smith, whom he had been dating since she was 13 and he was 47 years old. According to Smith, their relationship was sexually consummated when she was 14 years old!  “YIKES” Their relationship was the subject of considerable media attention until it ended in 1993 when he met Susanne Accosta, 37 years his junior, married her and had three daughters!

Ahh, but here’s where it gets even stranger?  Stephen Paul, Bill Wymans first son would grow up to Marry Mandy Smith’s Mother, Patsy Smith. You got that? Yep!, Bill Wymans son, grew up and married his Step- Mothers MOTHER!……or, you can say he married his dad’s “Mother in Law”!  Stephen Paul Wyman was 31  Patsy was 49 !!!

We’d love to hear your opinion or story about Bill Wyman Or perhaps you were married to him ?




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A Quick One: Do You Hear What I Hear?

Misunderstood and misinterpreted lyrics have been the subject of  laughter, conversation, many books, films  and T.V!

Take a look at a few hugely popular songs from the 60’s that YOU THINK YOU KNOW! However, after reading today’s post, you may question you’re own ears!

Here are three number one songs. Each one has enjoyed multiple recordings and each one suffered multiple interpretations…



number 1) “Baby I Need Your Lovin



At the bridge does the singer sing a)  ” Every night I call your name”……Or do you hear b)  “Empty nights echo your name”?

Only one is the correct copyrighted lyric! Which one did you hear?



.number 2) “She’s Not There”


At the chorus does the singer sing a) “Well let me tell you ’bout the way she looks, the way she acts and the color of her hair”…..Or b) “Well let me tell you ’bout the way she looks, the way she accents the color of her hair”

Only one is the correct copyrighted lyric! Which one did you hear?


Number 3) “House Of The Rising Sun”



At the second verse does the singer sing a) “My mother was a “trade girl,” sold my new blue jeans”….. Or b) “My mother was a tailor, sewed my new blue jeans”

only one is the correct copyrighted lyric! Which one did you hear?





There are plenty more, but were eager to know which of the above lyrics did you hear and do you have any more misunderstood lyrics from the greatest decade of  music for all time…The 1960’s!


Lets hear from YOU!…


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A Quick One: The Early Days

On this day, Jan.5th 1969 Led Zeppelin were wrapping up their first American tour concluding four nights at The Whisky ‘A Go Go in Los Angeles. Their opening act was Alice Cooper and the Zep were billed as “Led Zeppelin featuring Jimmy Page formerly of The Yardbirds”…Woah!
We think that speaks volumes about a band that today, “The General public” barely remembers…..Yardbirds?
…..For those of you unfamiliar with The Yardbirds; During their brief run, on separate occasions they boasted Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton as their Lead Guitarist! Whoa, yet again!…
Here’s a shot of The Yardbirds, that’s Jimmy Page second from the left!

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“Quite Rightly”

You, of course recall Donovan’s retro ( trumpets, trombones and a tuba ) trippy and beautiful ballad from 1966, “Mellow Yellow” …..And you likely remember a couple of the rumors that circulated around the records success. Early on it was rumored that Mellow Yellow referred to banana’s! Yep, in 1966 it was believed that if you scraped off the inside of a banana skin, rolled it into a joint, and smoked it, you’d experience a hallucinogenic but “Mellow” high! Although the lyric does include the line “electrical Banana” it has nothing to do with smoking them! In fact in a 2003 interview Donovan revealed that the line “Electrical Banana” refers to a woman’s Yellow Vibrator…..Electrical Banana INDEED!
It was further rumored that the voice that say’s “Quite rightly” was Paul McCartney. Not true either, that’s Donovan, however Paul is on the recording cheering “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah” in the background!…..And, he played bass on the recording as well
Let’s listen to this 60’s classic from Donovan, with a little help from his friend Paul..But leave the bananas alone!

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Didja know that this week in 1975, “Playboy’s” annual music poll named Karen Carpenter “The best Drummer in popular music”…. OMG!
Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham came in at number two!…?

Did you ever see The Carpenters live? We did, and there was no question that Karen was an incredible…..SINGER!

For us, this honor speaks volumes about who read playboy and, of course why!

…..And yes that’s Karen in the picture…

How about you? How did you rate “?The lead sister” from The Carpenters?

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A Quick One: Sixties Music, From The Wrong Side…

Didja know that in 2008 Neil Diamond became the oldest artist to attain the Billboard number one position with his album ” Home Before Dark” Neil was 67 years old. Prior to Neil accomplishing this dubious achievement, Bob Dylan was the oldest dude to have a number one album. Dylan’s ‘Modern Times hit the top spot in
2006 Bob was 65!…..?

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