An “Encore Presentation!

Back in the 1960’s each year around this time  our favorite Television programs began “”Summer Reruns” But now ! Here at SMS, we invite you to enjoy some of our earlier postings long before many of you had even heard of SMS! Bottom line, it’s all new to most of you! We hope you enjoy this summer’s first  SMS”Encore Presentation from 2017  ( And YES! We’ll be back next Tuesday with an all new Trivia Quiz)


You, of course remember, loved and likely played ’til the grooves turned grey The Moody Blues Iconic ambitious and beautiful “concept album” “Days’ of Future Passed” This was only the bands second L.P. Following their debut hit single and album “Go Now” a dramatic departure from their early sound of…er…ah…um…hmmm…actually were not sure what to call The Moody Blues early sound! Some critics have referred to it as “Blue Eye’d Soul”….Maybe, BUT, there is no question with “Days of future passed,This “Deep Track” fully orchestrated, dynamic project is Ground Zero for the “Progressive Rock” movement from November of 1967! The Band and it’s label marketed the record as the first Rock record to fully integrate a Rock band with a classical orchestra ( The London Festival Orchestra) The label even included photo’s of the orchestra in the studio with the band!

But, here’s the secret….There really is no London Festival Orchestra….It’s a “Brand” that Decca records created. The “Orchestra you here on DFP are just a handful of hired studio string and horn players mixed in with a Mellotron ( a string simulation device)….Further, The Moody Blues were never even in the studio when the string parts were laid down. In spite of the “augmented” photos you see on the back cover…..You get it. The whole thing was a marketing hoax. However the underlying concept of writing songs about each part of the day was sound and generated at least 4 huge hit singles. Remember “Dawn is The Feeling”…”Tuesday Afternoon,” “Evening Time To Get Away”
And everyone’s swooning favorite……wait for it………

…..”Nights In White Satin”

Yep all from “Day’s Of Future Passed” featuring “The London Phoney Baloney Orchestra….But, like you we loved it, slow danced with our girlfriend and thought we saw God…. “And I Love You, Whoa how I Love You-ooooo”…fade

Hold on, we have to hear “Nights”


  1. Wow, the behind the scenes information you learn from the iconic Rick S., the music guru….I guess you never know what is real or not however they had the most unbelievable sexy sound that made you want more. Beautiful music that no doubt sent many on their journey of love, myself included.
    Thanks for the insights into the world of music!

    • Hey Jules, as usual very “well put” and thank you for the kind words and your always unique perspective.
      Meanwhile, Didja know that at that point in time The Moody Blues were fooling around with classical themes and music and working on ideas for including orchestral elements? Their record label Deram records heard about it and came to the band and asked them to do an entire album of their adaption of Dvorak’s Symphony number Nine…( yeah, we know, HUNH?) Deram wanted to use the record to debut and demonstrate a new recording technique they patented called “Deramic Sound”. ( yeah, HUNH again) Well the the band was into classical music but they knew that doing an entire record of what’s his names music would kill their career….Sooooo “Day’s of future passed” was the compromise!
      And it certainly appears we all benefited…
      Thanx Julie…

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