“ A Hard Day’s Night” …the movie

Just a little something for a Sunday Morning !

Didja know that it was on this very day, March 31st. 1964, The Beatles began filming their first feature Film  “A Hard Day’s Night,” The Beatles played a ‘live television performance’ in front of a studio of screaming fans (one of those fans was Phil Collins). The four songs used in the film were ‘Tell Me Why’, ‘I Should Have Known Better’, ‘And I Love Her’, and ‘She Loves You’.

Here’s our favorite Beatle Ballad, from our favorite Beatle Movie!

Happy 55th Anniversary Lads



    • Hey Jimmy,
      Great to see you and YES! B E A T L E S 4 E V E R So simple but it so sez everything, always has!

  1. And one day before April Fool’s Day 2019. Amazing!

    Count me amongst those who had always wished that
    Brian Epstein had convinced the Laddish Four to film “Up Against It”
    as their third feature film. Written by young, handsome & perpetutally out-of-control
    English playwright Joe Orton (who was memorably portrayed by
    the young Gary Oldman in the edgy, 1987 Briitish flick “Prick Up Your Ears”)
    the screenplay for “Up Against it” was downbeat, dreary and almost
    as unfilmable as the Rolling Stones stillborn first film “Only Lovers Left Alive”
    (which was also vetoed). These non-existent movies almost make the Dave Clark 5’s
    angst-ridden debut, “Catch Us If You Can” seem upbeat….

    For those curious few who were curious as to what the follow-up to “Help” might have looked like, go here: https://tinyurl.com/upagainstitfab4

    • Well, leave it to you dear Dr. Robert,
      For yet again drawing our attention to a new Beatle fact we knew nothing about!
      Whoa, and thanx for the link! I recommend every Beatle Fan / reader check that link out! Wow!…..Who knew?
      It’s so remarkable how so many unknown decisions could have changed their legacy AND Beatle history
      On a different note, but a decision as well, you mention The DC 5’s feature film “Catch us if you Can” as it was called in the U.K. However when it was released in the U.S. the title changed to “Havin a Wild Weekend” Talk about stupid marketing decisions?
      Thanx Doc, always soooo great when you show up!

  2. Serendipity you just put up YouTube of And I Love Her. One of my favorite love songs. I am going to do it from female perspective on my next gig with Brazilian guitarist Roberto Montero and me singing and playing flute.

    • Hey Libbie Jo,
      “And I Love HIM”. We like that! Can you share where and when you might be appearing?

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