HEY! Attention, loyal readers, subscribers and On Line Shoppers!

Yep! As The Turtles once sang  “You Baby” We’re talking bout you! And No! We are not looking for $ or any kind of donation…..So, yes…you can safely and cheaply read on!

Here’s  our big news: Sixties Music Secrets, has teamed up with Shopping behemoth Amazon!  As part of their Amazon Associates program!

As we are now all part of the global brotherhood of “Shut Ins” our daily routine is mostly carried out on line! Including but not limited to… SHOPPING!

In that regard, SMS humbly submits the following: The next time you feel that desire for something that you Just have to have NOW! Of course, turn to Amazon! But on your way, please pause at SMS and access Amazon, not only for music, but whatever you may need, thru one of the two banner links you’ll find at the bottom left side of this page! Or any page at SMS!

Yes, just click on the ad and you will be instantly, safely and securely connected to the greatest shopping experience in the known world with no risk or expense to you! However, by linking to Amazon thru Sixties Music Secrets, you personally will be helping SMS  continue to provide you with our unique brand of 60’s music and conversation!

Thank you, as always for your continued support of SMS! And, thanx in advance for accessing Amazon from our place! ( Scroll below, on the left )

Rick Shoemaker / SMS



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