Let’s talk about ’60’s music

I’m Rick Shoemaker. Growing up and making a life on the West coast of Southern California, I have worked as a Singer/Songwriter, Session Player, Music Teacher, Disc Jockey and Music Business Executive. Most importantly I ” came of age ” in what is arguably the greatest decade of music in all of history. The 1960’s. If you share my passion and curiosity for this incredibly prolific and creative period in music history, please join in the conversation and share your ideas, experiences and questions. I guarantee you will hear some great Sixties Music Secrets!


    • It’s so incredible when you see Him ( Thank you Brad) and the obvious influence he ‘s had on so many contemporary artists…Prince ?

  1. The voices of Chad and Jeremy blended together so beautifully. We don’t hear that kind of sound anymore. The sixties were definitely an era that I will not forget. I loved being a part of it.

  2. Hey Rick, got one for you. Can you tell me if chad and Jeremy were brother? and are they still around. I dig there sound

    • Chad and Jeremy were not brothers. They were from England and considered members of The British Invasion. Their full names were Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde.And YES, They are still around and play an occasional gig.They had Several hits in the U.S. In 1963-1965 including Yesterday’s Gone, Willow Weep For Me, and their biggest hit A Summer Song, written by Chad. A breath taking chart topper in 1964. Click Here and hear it……Beautiful !https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfvL2oLeBYs

    • That truly great singer from The Dave Clark Five was Mike Smith ,Mike was also the bands keyboard player and co-wrote all their hits with Dave Clark Unfortunately, we lost Mike in 2008

      • However, today would be a great time to take a breath, kick back and enjoy Jimi performing “Foxey Lady” atThe Miami Pop Festival in 1968…….”FOXEY”

  3. Not even sure this is a sixties question: What is the deal with Nina Simone? A documentary, an upcoming movie. Most people think she’s amazing and would crucify me for this but I don’t get her appeal–AT ALL. What am I missing?

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