Liverpool Sunset

It was 50 years ago today, May 5th 1967 that The Kinks released their staggeringly beautiful “Waterloo Sunset”. Acclaimed by many as The Kinks single best piece of work, it was solely written and produced by Ray Davies! ( without any help from long time Kinks producer Shel Talmy) Didja know that the song was originally titled “Liverpool Sunset”? Although a Londoner, Davies had fallen in love with the Liverpool area and its trending music scene. Ray tended to spend all his free time there. And yes, One of The Kinks early gigs was a five-week stand at The Cavern Club! Early on, many fans believed “Waterloo Sunset” was about two very popular English actors Terrance Stamp and Julie Christie who were allegedly in a relationship, due to the song lyric….”Terry meets Julie, Waterloo station every Friday night” But it wasn’t true. The line was referring to Ray’s sister Julie and her boyfriend Terry. As incredible as the record was it stalled at number two in the U.K. And barely charted in the U.S.

Let’s listen to one of the best from the 1960’s


  1. Thanks Rick! Such a GREAT tune, man I can’t believe it’s been 50 years. Ray Davies has earned his place in rock and roll history, without question. A master songwriter, producer, performer. Kinks RULE.

    Always enjoyed this song coupled with “Victoria” for some reason. They just seem to CLICK.

    • Hey Jimmy, I completely agree with you and your comments on Ray Davies! In fact, I believe Ray is one of the most under appreciated lyricists of our generation. There seems to be “a nod and a wink” in nearly everything he writes. And “Victoria” is a great example…..A brief lesson on English history from a Kinks record…..
      Meanwhile, Waterloo sunset” is sooooo beautiful with just, one electric, one acoustic, bass, drums and those amazing “brotherly” harmonies!…..
      Thanx Jimmy, always great to have you join in……”Sha la Lah”

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