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Hey! If you’re new to SMS and / or missed this the First Time ‘Round, you may want to check out our post “Midnight Confessions at the Sad Cafe.” We originally posted it in November 2017, but we just added an insightful, delicious, and corroborative interview with the incredible Linda Ronstadt! AND YA GOTTA SEE IT! (It’s at the very bottom of the piece )

Here’s a link to take you right to her!

Midnight Confessions at ‘the sad cafe’


  1. We are definitely on the same wavelength. I just discovered that Ronstadt interview a few weeks ago…and the only thing that kept me from posting it on my blog was that I was swamped for time….Probably writing one of my columns for you! Now THAT’s serendipity!

    Keep on keepin’ on Rick!

  2. Great article the first time I read it, but the Ronstadt interview adds context. Loved going to the Troub back in the day. Saw Poco’s (then Pogo) first shows as a quintet with Randy on bass, John Sebastian, and many more.

    • Hey Steve,
      Really appreciate you taking the time to read thru it once again! Yeah, I love the Troub, and I’m with you, I saw EVERYBODY there! Including Elton.! And, of course Linda, I must have seen her a half dozen times! Not to mention those great nights “In The Bar!…
      Thanx Steve,

  3. Two ‘memorable’ shows come to mind:
    1. Carly Simon walking off stage after performing only 2-3 songs citing “laryngitis”. At lest I got to hear Don McLean rambling on for 20 minutes with American Pie as the opening act.
    2. Poco walking off the stage after the power kept going off in the middle of their songs. I believe that may have been Paul Cotton’s initial appearance with the band.

    • Hey Fred,
      Like you, I saw SO MANY GREAT SHOWS THERE! In fact, I was there the night Carly Simon walked off! You probably know, she suffered from crippling “Stage Frieight”
      I had heard that was the issue that night…
      Thanx Fred, always great when you drop by!

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