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The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week (How good are you?)


Yep!…It’s TRIVIA TUESDAY for February 20th…

And, as always, we’d like to begin by recognizing the brilliant readers that answered last week’s question correctly! The question was: What huge hit from the early Sixties name checks the legendary P.T. Barnum? Who sang it and what popular T.V. Series was it debuted on?

The correct answer is “Goodbye  Cruel World” recorded by James Darren and James performed the song as a guest star on, “The Donna Reed Show”

Congratulations to Steve Winogradsky and John Zambetti who correctly answered the entire question! Way to go guys, you now qualify for the prestigious  title of “Sixties Music Secrets International Super Genius”…..Well done!

However, we’d also like to congratulate Larry in Munich who also nailed the question….’Cept for the part about “The Donna Reed Show” Thank you Larry, close but no cigar!……..( we actually have it on good authority that Larry’s mom  wouldn’t let him stay up that late on a “School night” )….

Which brings us to this week’s question; Last week marked the 50th anniversary of The Beatles on Ed Sullivan! In addition to that history making appearance The Beatles had FIVE songs being promoted at RADIO, ON FOUR DIFFERENT LABELS, in the U.S.A.

Your question? Can you name the four U.S. labels all promoting Different Beatle hits?

And for extra credit and to qualify for the new lofty label of “Sixties Music Secrets International Super Genius” tell us which hit was on which label?

Got it?….Confusion is a given, so questions are encouraged…










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