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The Rolling Stones first American Tour….

It was fifty-four years ago this week, specifically June fifth, 1964 when The Rolling Stones were met by over 500 fans as they arrived on BA flight 505 at Kennedy Airport for their debut US tour. The Stones held a press conference and then guested on the prestigious “5th Beatle”, DJ Murray The K’s radio  program!

Although, the band was on the east coast, they then proceeded way out west to perform their first show in America in….wait for it…..San Bernardino Calif. at San Berdoo’s Swing Auditorium, they played no major cities on the west coast! In fact the closest The Stones got to playing L.A. was an appearance on “Dean Martin’s Hollywood Palace “ T.V. Show, which the band hated and regretted their agreement  to appear!

The tour lasted a mere  fifteen day’s with a total of only eleven shows, concluding on June 20th at Carnegie Hall in New York! As they traveled thru the tour, they took time to stop at the legendary Chess Records studio’s and record their next single “It’s All Over Now” as well as their instrumental 2120 South Michigan Ave. a tribute to the label’s famed location…

As the frantic, poorly planned tour criss crossed the U.S.A The Rolling Stones we’re constantly at odds between their fantasies about the U.S. and the realities that were 1960’s America!

….”You Can’t Always Get What You Wanna”…..Can ya ?


Here are The Stones with their classic, 2120….


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A Day In The Life: Ed Sullivan & The Rolling Stones

It was on this very day, Sunday, January 15, 1967 that the Rolling Stones appeared on The Ed Sullivan show to perform their new single. “Let’s Spend The Night Together” After reviewing the songs lyric Mr. Sullivan demanded that they change the lyric to “Let’s Spend Some Time Together!  During the live performance, an obviously annoyed Mick Jagger could be seen “rolling his eyes each time he sang the changed lyric..Only to have Ed Sullivan announce that The Rolling Stones were forever banned from ever appearing on his show again!

Yes, Mr Ed was a tough guy, but The Stones took it in stride, in fact they just released their latest Album last month. 50 years later!

Did you see the program that Sunday ? It was priceless!  Pictured above, Mr. Sullivan giving Mick  ” A Stern Talking To”!…

Here’s the original “Offensive recording…




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