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The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week (how good are you?)

But first BIG CONGRATULATIONS go out, once again to Mr. John Zambetti ONCE AGAIN for being the only SMS reader to correctly answer last week’s trivia quiz. The question?…”Who was Henry John Deutshendorf, what was the title of one of his hits and how did he die?
The correct answer is ; John Denver…”Country Roads” and John died in a plane crash, while piloting his new experimental Air Craft…
Well Done, John Zambetti.
SMS would like to add that John Zambetti is the only reader in our world-wide audience who has correctly answered over 90% of our weekly trivia questions since we introduced them a little over one year ago!
YES! Mr. Zambetti you are the first recipient of The ” SMS, SAA” Which is… “The Sixties Music Secrets, Special Achievement Award”. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!…Lets hear it for Mr. Z!

But now, John and everyone, It’s time for this weeks question: Give us the name of Three hit bands from The 60’s where the “Bands name” includes the word “Who”. Plus give us the title of at least one hit from each group AND the name of the lead singer who sang each hit from each group?
It really is a lot easier than it sounds!

In summary…3 bands whose band name includes the word “Who”
..3 hits, one from each band!
..3 different lead singers one from each band!

You got this, and YES, you can include “The Obvious…


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