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The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week (how good are you?)

Yes indeed, it’s TRIVIA TUESDAY for October 10th…..
But first big SMS congrats go out to the only two readers who answered last week’s question correctly. The question was, Of Petula Clarks 15 Top 40 hits, one was written by a world famous film actor. Which song was it and who was the actor, and what film was it from? The correct answer is “This Is My Song” written by Charlie Chaplin, from the movie “A Countess From Hong Kong!
John Zambetti, of course weighed in with the correct answer. Way to go, yet again John!
Plus a new reader to SMS, Dan also answered the question correctly. WAY TO GO Dan. And welcome to Sixties Music Secrets!

But now for this weeks Trivia question: Who is Henry John Deutshendorf, what is the title of one of his many mega hits
AND what are the details to his notorious and Un-timely death?

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