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” Like A Rolling Stone “….

It was 50 years ago this week, Nov 3rd, 1967 that Rolling Stone Magazine, a weekly publication located in San Francisco Calif. published it’s debut issue Rolling Stone # 1…The founder and publisher Jann Wenner was a huge fan of Rock and Roll and the men and Women who created it. Jann lived in a loft in The Bay City with his girl friend and simply said one day “I’m starting a magazine about Rock Music. Jann had become friends with a columnist from The San francisco Chronicle Ralph J. Gleason who wrote feature stories about politics, they partnered up and had what they thought was the perfect blend for a magazine “Directed at The new “Hippie Culture” and they were on to something. Rolling Stone Magazine took off like a rocket and soon became the weekly Bible, yes, for the “Hippie community ( who ever that was ) but to the millions of fans of 60’s music and the culture all around it. The first issue featured John Lennon on the cover with a promotional photo of John from his recent debut purely as an actor in the Richard Lester film “How I won The War”
But, here’s the best part, to initially attract Jann’s perceived core audience. The first issue came with a free “Roach Clip” attached to the front page…..For those of you unfamiliar to the word “Roach Clip” ask your parents! And no, it has nothing to do with pesticides! In 1967 my buddies and I bought four copies, just for the free clips.
However, to our broader point, consider this between 1965 and 1967 culturally we were besieged with “Rolling Stones. In 1965 The Rolling Stones released their debut album called “England’s newest Hit Makers, The Rolling Stones” and in that same year Dylan released his first number one with “Like a Rolling Stone”
Radio stations curios as to the musical origin started playing an old Muddy Waters record called, what else? “Rolling Stone And in 1966 Dylan added a bit more Rolling Stone Flavor when he released his single “Rainy Day Women 12 and 35 whose chorus includes a “partying” sing a long of “Everybody must get stoned” preceded by verses chronicling all the ways the world can “Stone Ya”. ….. INDEED!….And in 1967 Laura Nero gave us “Stoney End”
Lastly When we believed the “stoning may be behind us we have to thank the Great Temptations for resurrecting “Rolling stone” in 1971 with their iconic classic “Papa was a Rolling Stone”
But now, let’s enjoy this rare classic live recording that started it all….
















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Jumpin’ Jack Flash it’s a Gas, Gas, Gas…. UPDATE!…

You’re gonna love this ( and read below for an update ) On this day, July 8th in 1959, The Esso gas company introduced  a campaign claiming that listening to “Rock an Roll” music on the radio while driving would result in poor gas mileage.  The Esso researchers asserted that “The driving beat of Rock music caused the driver to press heavier in the gas peddle, wasting America’s latest precious resource…..HUNH?

Don’t know about you but we find it so strange and counter intuitive! Especially when you consider that Esso was in the business of selling as much gasoline as possible..

It also underscores the level of confusion and disdain Rock music was initially met with…

“Rev it up, rev it up, buddy gonna shut you down”

What do you think?

SMS UPDATE! You’re gonna love THIS more. On this date, Sept. 15th 1965….

The Ford Motor Co. debuted  The 8 Track Tape Player as on option for their entire line of vehicles, less then 5 years after ESSO Gas warned that listening to rock music in the car will reduce your gas mileage!….

Ah, but here’s the rub; As 8 Trk home equipment was still one year away, new 8 TRK Tapes could only be purchased at “Automotive / Auto Parts stores!

Do you remember “Mad Man Muntz” ?

His Green and Purple car parts and electronics stores became extremely popular with a whole new clientele overnight, selling these new 8 TRKS…
And, get this in 1967 alone “Mad Man Muntz did over $30,000,000 in car stereo’s and tapes!

Did you ever shop there?

Did you have one of those “infernal” 8 TRKS in your car?


Just for fun…Here’s “Shut Down” by The Beach Boys from1963…



























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A Day In The Life: The Rolling Stones…

Didja know that on this date June 7th in 1964 The Rolling Stones were in the middle of their first tour of America
At their performance in San Antonio Texas, the band was Boo’d off the stage. The quick thinking promoter immediately brought the opening act back out on stage……However, that act was a group of performing MONKEYS!….
We’re sure there’s a great joke in here somewhere, but we’ll let it go….Meanwhile, here’s “Monkey Man” by The Stones..Give it a click!

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“One If By Land, Two If By Sea”…The British Invasion…

THE BRITISH ARE COMING ! THE BRITISH ARE COMING ! We have discussed, analyzed, argued and reminisced about the incredible diversity of music that coalesced during the 1960’s. However, we believe there is one musical event that dominated and defined the musical landscape of the 1960’s more than anything else…”THE BRITISH INVASION”
The invasion actually commenced in January of 1964  when an unknown band called The Beatles released their new record “I want to hold your hand” in America, the first week of January. Incredibly by Jan. 25th the single shot to number one on every pop music radio station in America….Less than three weeks later Feb. 9th, The Beatles and Ed Sullivan changed the T.V. business, the music business, made history and galvanized a template and strategy  that opened doors and paved the way for a wave of talent who all “talked funny” but sang great, in what occasionally sounded like a foreign language….. English!  “Mods” “Rockers” the artists you loved, the ones you hated or didn’t understand.  The ones you felt “You discovered” and the ones that got away…..until a little later!

As 1964 unfurled in America, day after day, week in, week out we were introduced to and fell in love with,  another talented BRIT ! Yes, The Beatles led the front with The Rolling Stones at their flank and the most incredible Rank and File ever assembled marching in perfect formation toward their destination / target….America!

And on they came…. a quick glance from our Eastern shores “across the pond” and you could almost hear The Modern English Armada shouting “Hail Britania”!….We know what your thinking, “Yes! Bring ’em on” The Stones, The Kinks, The Animals….Ahh, but slow down Yankee Doodle, you’re about to be surprised by some of the names and numbers. The Beatles had established their enormous beachead stateside, so who was the next great Brit to invade America’s airwaves?

In the U.K. She was called “The greatest white soul singer in the world and as far as we’re considered “They was right” ! In February of ’64 Dusty Springfield’s powerful “I only want to be with you” pounced on us shot past The Beatles as they we’re wrapping the Sullivan shows and again from know where charted in at number twelve. We blinked and by the end of March, everyone was proclaiming The Dave Clark Five were “The next Beatles” From these early days in 1964 “They commenced to coming'” for at least the next two plus years! Do you recall Peter and Gordon (“World without Love” a Lennon McCartney song, I go to Pieces” a Del Shannon song, and of course “Woman” credited to Bernard Webb but written by McCartney)The Animals (House of the Rising Sun and “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”j Manfred Mann (“Doo Wah Diddy”)Petula Clark ( “Downtown” and”I know a Place”) Donovan ( before “Sunshine Superman” there was “Catch the Wind” and “Colors” ) Freddie and the Dreamers ( “Do the Freddie” and “I’m Telling You Now”) Wayne Fontana and the Mindbennders (“The Game of Love”) Herman’s Hermit’s ( “I’m into Something Good” “Henry the eighth” and a half-dozen more) The aforementioned Rolling Stones ( Time is on my Side” and “Last Time”) The Dave Clark Five (“Glad all Over” and Bit’s and Pieces”) Billy J. Kramer and The Dakota’s (” Little Children” and “From a Window” another Lennon McCartney comp.)  The Searchers (“Needles and Pins” written by Sony Bono) The Bachelors,  (“I Believe” and “My Diane”) Chad and Jeremy ” (“A Summer Song” and “Yesterday’s Gone”) Gerry and the Pacemakers (“How do you do what you do to Me”  “I Like it ” and Ferry ‘Cross The Mersey”) Their manager Brian Epstein, yep that Brian Epstein, produced a B-Movie short film about ” Ferry” ( a Movie about and starring Gerry Marsden who wrote the Title song. Epstein eventually sold this nothing movie which he then coupled with “A Hard Day’s Night” as the opener for the Beatle film!  Epstein also insisted that The Beatles record their own version of “How do you do”) written by “Gerry Marsden. But The Beatles vehemently resisted the idea! ( However there  is a version you can find on the Beatles Anthology series and various bootlegs…..Talk about feathering your nest? Mr. Epstein Puh-Leeze!  But we digress,How about The Honeycombs with A GIRL DRUMMER (“Have I The Right”) Them (Baby Please Don’t Go” and “Gloria”) Tom Jones (“It’s Not unusual”) The Yardbirds (For Your Love”) The Yardbirds also have bragging rights to have included, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton as their lead guitarist thru their brief career! The Spencer Davis Group (“Gimmie Some Lovin” and “I’m a Man”) featuring an incredibly soulful 17 year old Stevie Winwood! The Kinks (“You Really Got Me” and All Day and All of the Night” “Tired of Waiting For You”) How about the unbelievable harmonies of The Hollies (“Look Thru Any Window”and “Bus Stop”and “Stop, Stop, Stop”) The Zombies (“She’s Not There” and “Tell Her No”) and finally The Who (The Kids Are All Right” and “My Generation) Their second single in the U.S. “generation” incredibly ends with an insane DRUM SOLO by Who drummer Keith Moon!…

What’s so incredible is all these artists had at least one or more number one records in the U.S.A. From January 1964 thru December 1966!

We should note here that in 1965, The Weekly Billboard singles chart featured an artist from the British Commonwealth in the number one position 26 of the 52 weeks of publication…On May 8th of the year, that weeks Top 10 was controlled completely by British Acts with one exception, Gary Lewis and the Playboy’s “Count Me In” held in at number Two…
Math is not our strongest suit, but consider the charts and the 26 British Artists we sighted, it’s clear between ’64 -’67 at least every other record on American radio was a Great Britonian!

Lastly we must note in 1964, April 4 The Beatles held the Top 5 chart spots in America. No other Artist has ever achieved that fete before or after….Not even the top 3!

We know we’ve probably missed one of your faves, but our purpose wasn’t to unveil the obscure….But to jog loose some great memories and perhaps dust off a few old 45’s…

Most importantly we want to hear from you…We’re you there? What was your experience and perspective about the second time the  U.S. was under siege by “Mother England”…..The 1960’s…

In the beginning it was Dusty..

Then Dave Clark was Glad to come along…

                        Later, Gerry…The Ferry song…

And on with the X Y Z’s…Zombies…




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A Day In The Life: Ed Sullivan & The Rolling Stones

It was on this very day, Sunday, January 15, 1967 that the Rolling Stones appeared on The Ed Sullivan show to perform their new single. “Let’s Spend The Night Together” After reviewing the songs lyric Mr. Sullivan demanded that they change the lyric to “Let’s Spend Some Time Together!  During the live performance, an obviously annoyed Mick Jagger could be seen “rolling his eyes each time he sang the changed lyric..Only to have Ed Sullivan announce that The Rolling Stones were forever banned from ever appearing on his show again!

Yes, Mr Ed was a tough guy, but The Stones took it in stride, in fact they just released their latest Album last month. 50 years later!

Did you see the program that Sunday ? It was priceless!  Pictured above, Mr. Sullivan giving Mick  ” A Stern Talking To”!…

Here’s the original “Offensive recording…




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The T.A.M.I. Show. 1964….Ya Hadda Be There !

Were you there?  I was!  In the mid sixties, Southern California became ground zero for the two greatest concert events of the decade and the generation who embraced them. The T.A.M.I. Show and The Big TNT show. Happening in 1964 and 1965 respectively. Both events promised to be “Ground Breaking, powerful and feature the greatest artists from all over the world and up and down the radio dial and to their credit, as history has proven, THEY DELIVERED…..

The buzz about The T.A.M.I show actually began in So. Cal months before the concerts Oct 29th debut. The event’s name alone grabbed us from the start T.A.M.I…”The Teenage Awards Music International! Show” Yeah, a very cool mix of James Bond and American Bandsrand. A flyer for the show also stated that T.A.M.I. Was a non profit organization.  Non of us had a clue as to what that meant, but it just added to the mystique of this incredible event. The big question for me and my friends was, just who was appearing? With names like The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys Gerry and the Pacemakers and The Surpremes being confirmed daily, it was quickly rumored that The Beatles were headlining…..Not a chance, but, with the artists mentioned above along with Jan and Dean James Brown Leslie Gore, Marvin Gaye, Chuck Berry and Smokey Robinson  my friends and I knew “We hadda  be there”  The “There” being the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, an easy 40 minute car ride from our hometown of Eagle Rock  Calif. and in 1964 none of us were old enough to drive. So, one of our moms drove us  to Santa Monica.The potential for horrible humiliation was huge but soooo worth it. After all tickets were free to boot! But! In no time, were there, SORT OF. Off the freeway and into the streets of SantaMonica, it’s a parking lot, cars are bumper to bumper and no ones moving!  This was the Civic’s first big concert event and the auditoriums concert hall only sat 3000 and no one was prepared for the onslaught of teen age music lovers decending on Santa Monica for a free show of Superstars. But, as we slowly crept toward the venue we noticed something truly awesome to a carload of young eager boys nearly every car we pulled next to was filled with excited young girls! All heading to The T.A.M.I. Show! YES! Thank you God. The truth is, the producers of the show visited all the local high schools in the area and handed out free tickets to the female students. Talk about “papering the house? But….We made it through the traffic past a security line that was primarily focused on the young girls in attendance and where they would be seated. My buddies and I were simply happy to be there among them, although we quickly learned one of music’s great lessons….The girls are out to meet “The boys in the band” and you are either in the way, or can help them out… OUCH

Meanwhile, we nervously fidgeted in our seats, looking over our shoulders and scanning the room. The unspoken truth was all of us had received a stern warning from our parents. They noted that The T.A.M.I show would feature as many “Soul Singers” ( or as we’d say today ” artists of color”) as “White” artists and racial tensions were likely to escalate. Our parents were right about the racial mix of artists. The T.A.M.I. Show stage embraced a line up of musical and racial diversity like no one had witnessed before. Frankly, even the producers were a bit concerned.  However, the sad truth was, as my friends and I observed. We were part of this historic event and to our surprise an entirely all white audience! But, the lights go down, the curtain goes up and a mega ton blast of  youthful energy explodes in the room and all any of us can see are the greatest artists of our generation! Everyone performed live, there was NO lip syncing at The T.A.M.I. Show. The sound was great and the backing band ( under the direction of Jack Nitzshe were tight,  sounded awesome and backed each act with note by note perfection.  Makes sense as the T.A.M.I. Show back up band went on to be known as “The Wrecking Crew and they actually were the session players who originally played on most of the records being performed at the show and so it went on… Artist after Artist, hour after hour. Jan and Dean opened the show and emceed, proving they were more  than just Frat house boys  who could harmonize. Chuck Berry followed and proved that he was, well….”Chuck Berry. Yes he sang “Maybelene” but it was his guitar playing that left us slack jawed and in awe, The Beach Boys were still mastering their instruments and coaleceing as a band. But their vocals were impeccable  The same could be said for The Surpremes, plus this is 1964, prior to Diana Ross becoming Thee Diva.

As an audience we were stunned with each act being better than the one before…A teenage Leslie Gore strutted on stage and took over playing hit after hit exactly like they sounded on the radio. As did Marvin Gaye…

However, it’s the finale of  The Tami show that much has been written about, and you probably know. The legendary argument over who would close the show, James Brown or The Rolling Stones. It’s  here at The T.A.M.I. Show where Mr. Brown famously proclaimed  “Nobody follows James Brown” But that night somebody did, The Stones.  How the producers pulled it off is anyone’s guess. So we’re guessing CASH was involved. Never the less even Mr. Brown calls his performance the best of his career and it was that show where James introduced his legendary antic of ending his show by faking exhaustion and falling to his knees in a “Cold, Cold, Sweat” only to be rescued by one of his crew who drapes a cape over James and helps him to his feet, all the while resisting and claiming he can go on!….High drama, great theater and partly why James Brown is a legend. Ya hadda see it!

meanwhile, The very nervous Rolling Stones sat backstage and watched this entertainment inferno ignite the stage and the audience. The crowed was on fire Everyone was on their feet, everyone who wasn’t screaming was crying backstage Mick and Keith agree that following James Brown was the worst decision they ever made. Mick is still in the infant stages  of perfecting his “Satanic Rooster” moves, he turns to Marvin Gaye and asks “What do I do”? Marvin replies, “Anything you feel, that’s what I do, that’s what James does”

The Rollong Stones go on and Tear down the house…Ya Hadda Be There…Were You there? If you were, SMS is eager to hear about your experience…and all your memories…

But here comes the best part,….. Scroll down to a recent post from Jimmy enjoy Mr. Browns legendary performance…….From The T.A.M.I. Show!





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