The Sixties Music Secrets “Lost” Interview with the Fab Four

AT LAST! Circa 1964, Sixties Music Secrets enjoyed a rare, sit down, one on one interview with the Fab Four!  Hear The Beatles in their own words reveal the history and secrets of their unique haircuts, stage outfits and how they write their great songs!  *This unusual, rare and little known interview was believed lost and unavailable anywhere, UNTIL NOW! ! It’s our pleasure to present “The legendary lost SMS / Beatles Interview” However, among many things, The Beatles were famous for their clever, candid and irreverent interviews! But, as we examine this interview thru the harsh looking glass of time, the brilliance of their interview styles simply doesn’t shine as it did all those years ago.

You be the judge!  But please be kind to the interviewer!

*Provided through special arrangement with The Dr. Art Robert archives 


  1. “MAGICAL AND MYSTERIOUS” boy did YOU ever call it!! “There’s a Fog Upon L.A.”!! LOVED IT!! You know I also heard that the ‘BEETLES” change to “BEATLES” was a George Epstein thing.??? Am I close?? In JHS I actually went out and bought [my parents bought!] Beatle-like slacks; they were called “A-1 Peggers”. Does ANYONE remember those?? I ALSO got a BEATLE collar type jacket!! Soooo cool. The one mistake I did make in Beatle fashion was purchasing a “NERU JACKET” OOPS!! By the second day of ownership it was OUT OF FASHION!!! For real!! But I’m very happy you dug up this interview…kind of like the “WAY-BACK-MACHINE”!!
    THANX “Shoe”….the wood

    • Ron..been down that road..even went so far at 13 years old, to get the beatle’s wig. Also a very cool light blue with dark blue stripes, nehru..I was stylin’. wore the crap out of the jacket, playing gigs and all…the wig..that I saved for halloween. I went as George…(I like his tunes, in those days)

  2. Very Nicely done, Rick. I had no idea that you were so close to the fab four. First name basis and everything. Thank you for sharing this little, until now, unheard interview. I am sure you made them feel most welcome to America.

    • Hey Curtis,
      Yes, a splendid time was guaranteed for all! And if you listen closely you can hear the interviewer suggest the “Magical Mystery” title!
      Thanx Curtis!

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