The SMS Trivia Question for 5 / 31

It’s True, here we are with an all new trivia Question for Tuesday May 31st Brought to us by all the very cool folks over at Omnivore Recordings! Where you’ll  always find all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! But, before we get into this week’s quiz, w e’d like to recognize all the brilliant readers who weighed in on last week’s question, which was, all about 60’s song’s that “allegedly “ were about Smoking Pot! First in with all the right answers was a 60’s music “maven” and a guy who we believe knows his way around a “Fat One” Mister Jeffery Conroy! Following Jeff, came an original “Super Genius Mr. Clark Besch! Lastly, but never leastly was the always “On it”  old friend Mr. Curtis Stone! Congratulations and we’ll done to SMS’s “Three  Amigo’s”

But now, It’s time for the all new trivia quiz for 5 / 31…Which iconic English actor inspired Ringo to write “Octopuses Garden” and which movie classic did Ringo and his film making Friend star in ? Additionally give us the title of another Beatle classic written by Ringo and at least 3more film’s featuring our favorite drummer

In summary here’s what we need:

1) Which iconic English actor inspired Ringo to write “Octopuses Garden”

2) Give us at least one more Beatle classic WRITTEN by Ringo Starr ?

3) Give us the title to at least one classic 60’s film that stars Ringo and his actor friend ?

4) Additional give us the titles to at least 3 more films that feature our favorite

drummer ?

Finally, re: the photo above…You’re Welcome!

Meanwhile, as you surf IMDB, click on the link below and check out Omnivore’s awesome catalog featuring Thee most Groovey music in the known world and beyond!



Remember, You can play the weekly question as often as you like! But can only will a very Cool Omnivore C D  every 30 days


  1. Peter Sellers
    Don’t Pass Me By
    The Magic Christian
    Help, Hard Day’s Night, Caveman

  2. 1 peter sellers
    2 don’t pass me by
    3 magic christian
    4 caveman/that’ll be the day/200 motels/give my regards to broad street

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