The SMS Trivia Question for New Year’s Day!

Congratulations, you’ve survived yet another New Year’s Eve!  Happy New Year from all of us at Sixties Music Secrets! And yes, it’s here, the SMS Trivia Question for New Years Day!  But first, we’d like to recognize the one and only loyal SMS reader who correctly answered last weeks question, which was all about classic Xmas songs from iconic 60’s artists. Only the amazing Steven Winogradsky weighed in with the correct answer! “Fa, la la la la”  Steve! Additionally, Denise Shoemaker also showed up with some Xmas cheer for us all, thank you Lady D.

But now, it is time for the SMS Trivia Question for New Year’s Day!

And here’s the set up: Without debate, Lennon and McCartney established themselves as two of the greatest songwriters in music history, however prior to completely mastering their craft The Beatles covered several songs by many of history’s most iconic songwriters!

Here’s your question: We will give you the names of 5 iconic songwriters and you tell us what song of theirs, The Beatles recorded and released?                           So, in no particular order, here are the FIVE songwriters! You, give us at least one song title from each writer that was recorded by The Beatles!

1) Burt Bacharach ?

2) Carole King ?

3) Berry Gordy ?

4) Smokey Robinson ?

5) Meredith Wilson ?   

There they are, one song from each, recorded by The Beatles.

However, for Extra Credit and a chance to reach “Super Genius status” Here is your bonus question:

With regard to Meredith Wilson, the song we’re looking for originally appeared in a Feature Film! What is the title of this great movie AND, Who performed the song in the film?

There you have it, as always if you have any questions, go to the comments section, and leave your question there! We’ll answer you immediately.






  1. BTW, in keeping with the questions, today, Jan 3, is Sir George Martin’s birthday. Had the honor of interviewing Sir George in the early 90’s for the AIMP. Packed house, as you might imagine. He could not have been more gracious.

    • Hey Steve,
      Wow! That had to have been a great experience! In fact, I believe Imay nave been in the audience that evening!
      I’m wondering if your interview was in he one I attended, In my recollection Sir George seemed somewhat reluctant to talk about his Beatle experience! It wasn’t until the moderator, (You) spoke up and asked Mr. Martin to speak a bit more about “The Fabs”
      Was that your experience?
      Please fill us in Steve!

      • Rick, that may have been the same meeting at Ma Maison in WeHo. I had been told that Sir George did not want to focus exclusively on the Beatles, so I asked about his earlier history producing comedy albums for Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and The Goon Show, as well as his post Beatle work with Jeff Beck, America and The Mahavishnu Orchestra. Once he was able to talk about other aspects of his career, he was willing to talk about The Beatles as well. Side note: as I was president of the AIMP at the time, and this was the largest meeting we ever had, I was preoccupied and running around making sure that things went well while everyone else was eating. But at one point, Sir George said to me, “Aren’t you going to join us for lunch?” How sweet of him to worry about me!

        • Hey Steve,
          Yep, that sounds like the event I attended!
          What I like best about your story is, you can now say in all honesty “Sir George Martin invited you to LUNCH!”
          All in all, however, you did a great job and it was a great afternoon with “The real fifth Beatle”

  2. Unfortunately, I was unable to participate in the New Year’s Day Trivia Question because of heavy fog from the night before. With regard to the Twist and Shout comments: The song was indeed written by Bert Berns but, just to set the record straight, he did not go on to found Atlantic Records (which had existed since the late forties) but instead went on to become the ”B” in BANG Records which became part of Atlantic in 1965. Having downloaded and watched the relatively recent Bert Berns film 42 times, I felt obliged to correct what was posted.

    • Hey Larry, yes you are correct, thank you so much for clearing the New Years air! And to further clarify, here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Bert, Bang and Atlantic:
      Berns had been staff producer at Atlantic Records for several years when he and Atlantic chief executives set out to create a new independent label. Soon thereafter, Berns took sole control of the company. At Bang he had an immediate string of hit records, including “I Want Candy” by the Strangeloves, “Hang on Sloopy” by the McCoys, “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison and “Solitary Man” and “Kentucky Woman” by Neil Diamond.
      Thanx Larry, we “SIT” corrected!
      P.S. that was a “Legal” download….Yes?

  3. Google-free, non GMO guesses:
    1)burt bacharach -a taste of honey
    2) carole moonlight
    3) berry (thats what i want)
    4) smokey robinson.. please mr postman.
    5) meredith wilson..till there was you..from “the music man”..sung by shirley jones (unless marnie nixon was called in AGAIN lol.)

    • ”Hey Mark,
      2 outta 5 for you this week! YES! You nailed Berry Gordy and Meredith Wilson, However…
      Bacharach is “Baby It’s You”
      Carole King is “Chains” and
      Smokey Robinson is “You Really Got a Hold On Me”
      Most importantly, we really appreciate your Google free, non GMO answers!

    • Hey Mark,
      One more thing regarding your Marnie Nixon comment, although, we think YOU probably know this…
      Marnie Nixon is Andrew Gold’s MOTHER!
      “Oh, what a lonely boy”
      P.S. for those of you that don’t know who Marnie Nixon is, Google Marnie, and you’ll be very surprised! You are more familiar with her voice than you think you are!
      Thanx again Mark.

  4. Steven was fast! This are not on your list but “Twist & Shout” was written by Chuck Berry I think. Right? I have a few others but don’t know the lyricists off hand: Taste of Honey, Please Mr. Postman. Burt Bacharch surprised me. Baby It’s You doesn’t sound like him to me. I guess his style changed with the times. That’s good. I interviewed him once. Blah!–Lady D

    • Hey D.
      We do appreciate your efforts even when your not sure! We like that!
      Meanwhile, “Twist and Shout” was written by Bert Berns, who wet on to found Atlantic records!
      ““A Taste Of Honey” originally was the title song of a Broadway Show…WHO KNEW? AND we agree with you about “Baby It’s You” it certainly doesn’t sound like Burt Bacharach to us either!
      Lastly, we guess your saying ol’ Burt was a bad interview? YIKES!
      Thanx and HAPPY NEW YEAR

  5. Happy New Year, Rick!

    Burt Bacharach Baby, It’s You

    2) Carole King Chains

    3) Berry Gordy Money (Thats what I want)

    4) Smokey Robinson You Really Got A Hold On Me

    5) Meredith Wilson Til There Was You, from The Music Man, sung by Marian the Librarian

    • Marian was played by Shirley Jones, who went on to star on The Partridge Family with stepson David Cassidy

      • Hey Steve,
        And yes, the film also featured a very young Ron Howard….Now a famed director and formerly from The Andy Griffith Show, American Graffiti and of course “Happy Day’s
        Always a pleasure Mr. W.

    • Hey Steve,
      First one in! With ALL the correct answers! And as of now you’re the only reader to correctly answer the full question!
      Way to go DUDE!

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