The SMS Trivia Question of the week 1/18

Yes! He was a handsome devil And, yes he’s our trivia question for Tuesday January 18th! Brought to us each week by our never trivial friends at Omnivore Recordings! Your singular stop for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! But now it’s usually about here where we acknowledge the brilliant readers who weighed in on last weeks question, but last week there really wasn’t anew question. Or perhaps last weeks question somehow got lost, but that didn’t stop the ever brilliant Jim Gorman from tackling it! Congrats Jim, you are this weeks “Sole Man” at least as it pertains to last weeks Quiz

But now! It’s time for the brand new trivia question for the week: We’ll try to simplify this week’s question and get right to it! In 1962 the great Sam Cooke added another big gun to his growing arsenal of HITS!  In this “Smooth / Soul Smash, according to the song Sam sings to the d j asking him to play a few other hits from the same period. Give us at least three titles that Sam requests the d j to play, and of course we’ll want the title to this early 60’s classic by Mr. Cooke Finally, give us the titles to at least three additional Sam Cooke hits ?

In summary, here’s what we need:

1) Give us the title to Sam Cooks 1962 hit where he requests songs from the d j ?

2) Give us the titles to at least three of the songs he requested ?

3) Give us the names of the three artists that recorded the 3 songs Sam requested ?

4) Give us the titles to at least three additional Sam Cooke hits ?

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  1. Fun fact: “Having a Party” was the B-side of “Bring it on Home to Me” which featured Lou Rawls on backing vocals…yeah.

    • Hey Larry “Yeah, Ibieve you’re right, but did he sing background on both songs?
      Also I agree with you about Sam Cooke covering I know, the Barbara George version! Hope all is well with you and all the little Larrys!
      Stay health and we’ll catch up a little later

  2. Actually, I’m quite sure that Mr. Cooke was referring to the Barbara George version of “I Know”.

  3. The song was Having a Party

    The 3 songs he requested were: Soul Twist (King Curtis), Mashed Potatoes (Dee Dee Sharp), and I Know (The Spaniels)

    Additional Songs:
    Bring it on Home to Me
    You Send Me
    What a Wonderful World it Would Be

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