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Yes! It’s time for an all new SMS Trivia Quiz for Tuesday January 23rd. Brought to us each week by all the Groovey people at Omnivore Recordings! Your place for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! Meanwhile, before we raise the curtain on this week’s question, we’d like to recognize the brilliant readers who weighed in on last week’s question! Which was all about the great Motown writing team of Holland Dozier Holland and ten of their classic hits! Only one reader Mr. Ken Jones, showed up with all the correct answers’ “Congrats Ken and we’ll have a new  Omnivore CD. Straight to you  

Bot now! Here’s your all new trivia question for Tuesday January 23rd!   Take a good look at the lyric just below:

Tiny purple fishes

Run laughing through your fingers 

And you want to take her with you

To the hard land of the winter

There is your lytic! We need you to tell us what classic rock hit from 1967 features this stylish lyric ? Additionally we need you to give us the name of the Super Group who recorded and released this classic in 1967 ? Furthermore, we need the name of the singer / musician who sang this powerful” lead” vocal ? Lastly and to qualify for SMS “Super Genius status and a new killer CD from Omnivore Recordings  Give us the title of the classic album that features the song ?

In summary, here’s what we need:

1) Give us the title of the 60’s classic that includes the lyric above ?

2) Give us the name of the 60’s Super Group who recorded and released this rock classic ?

3) Give us the name of the singer / musician who performed the powerful lead vocal on this stylish track ?

4) Lastly give us the title of the album that includes this powerful track from 1967 ?

Meanwhile, as you work this one through the canyon’s of your mind, why not take a break, click on the link below and browse Omnivore’s awesome catalog of the coolest music in the known world and beyond!



Remember, you can answer the weekly trivia question as often as you like, but can only win a Groovey Omnivore CD every 30 days!



  1. Late to the dance…that’s what wrestling with a kidney stone will do.
    Brings back memories of seeing Cream during their farewell tour at the Forum in LA (’69?). I believe there was a rumor that Ginger Baker was really ill.
    Nothing to add to the previous responses.

    • Hey Tom!
      Well done, you were the first in with ALL the right answers!
      Congratulations and a brand new Omnivore CD is on it’s way
      See you next Tuesday!
      Rick / SMS

  2. The answer is Cream playing “Tales Of Brave Ulysses.

    It is sung by Jack Bruce.

    The record the song comes from is called ” Disreali Gears”

    My name is Andrew Taylor.

    Thank you.

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