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Yes indeed! It is time for the all new trivia question for Tuesday January 30th! Brought to us each week by all those very cool folks at Omnivore Recordings! Your perfect destination for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! However, before we reveal this weeks question, which was all about Cream and their classic recording of “Tales of Brave Ulysses “ we’d like to recognize the brilliant readers who weighed in on last weeks Quiz! First in with all thr right answers was the ever brilliant and old colleague Mr. Jeffery Conroy! Followed only one second later by Mr. Andrew Taylor and one second later by Mr. Tom Dowd Finally long time reader and certified Super Genius Mr. Fred Vogel wrapped things up! Congrats and well done to a Serious quartet of “Trivialites!

But now! Here’s your brand new question for Tuesday January 30th! This week we’re going easy on you and keeping it simple: Give us the titles to at least four classic hits from the 60’s that include the word “Green” n the title ? Additionally, give us the name of the artist who, respectively recorded and released each of your titles ?
In summary, here’s what we need…

1) Give us the titles to at least four hit songs that include the word “Green” in the title ?

2) Give us the names of the artist’s who recorded each of your selection’s ?

Thats it for this week (we did say we’d go easy! ) Meanwhile, as you repeat to yourself “I got this, I got this” why not take a break, click on the link below and browse Omnivore’s awesome catalog of the coolest music in the known world, and beyond!



Remember, you can answer the weekly trivia question as often as you like, but you can only win a Groovey Omnivore CD every 30 days!


  1. Yeah, hope Rick doesn’t mind. It’s me with another blatant self-promotion of my new radio show this Saturday at 5-6 PM Central time on NYC’s WFMU-FM! Time to take the DeLorian back in time for good old Top 40 radio days of the 60’s and 70s. It was the time of 2 1/2 minute pop music gems and legendary DJs who made life exciting! This time, my show will concentrate on the more melodic side of the decade with bad focus on the mostly non-hits from my Kansas, Chicago and Lincoln youth days, with UK faves as well. I won’t forget the ladies, as we hear from solo, duet and an all female band. We’ll have contests, requests filled (HOW? This show is on tape!), unreleased songs, Beatles memories, WFMU Superstars including my Artificial Intelligence buddy, and even some baseball! How do I cram all of this and 44 songs into 1 hour? Easy, I recorded it all on my old reel to reel machine at 1 7/8 speed and play it back at 15 IPS! (Just joking).

    Let’s go back and have some fun! You can “banke” on it!

    You can catch my show here:
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  2. Green, Green Grass of Home, Tom Jones
    Green Tamborine, Lemon Pipers
    Green River, CCR
    Green Onions, Booker T & the MGs

  3. Green Tambourine Lemon Pipers
    Red Green Yellow, Blue Dickie Lee
    Green Onions Booker T & MGs
    Green Grass gary lewis & Playboys

    Im guessing EVERYONE wins this!!! haha

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