The SMS Trivia Question of the week 10 / 24…

Yes! Here ‘Tis, the all new SMS Trivia quiz for Tuesday, October 24th. Brought to us every Tuesday morning by all the very Groovey folks at Omnivore Recordings! Your only real option for all the coolest music, you didn’t know, you didn’t know! However, before we reveal this week’s “Way Cool” question, we’d like to recognize the brilliant readers who chimed in on last week’s question! Which was all about the very talented Jonathan King and his music! Specifically. “Everyone’s Gone To The Moon” from 1965! Only two of you showed up with the correct answer’s! Both are Charter Member SMS SUPER GENIUSES  So big SMS Thanx and congrats to Mr. Clark Besch and Mr. Jeffrey CONROY!  

Great job gents!

But now, it’s time for your brand new question for Tuesday October 24th!

Check out this list of 10 of our faves from the 1960’s

1) “Apache”

2) “Miserlou”

3) “Mr. Moto”

4) “Out of Limits

5) “Penetration

6) “Pipeline”

7) “Surfbeat”

8) “The King Of The Surf Guitar”

9) “Walk Don’t Run”

10) “Wipeout”

These ten classic’s from the 60’s could be included in the same category or genre which made it’s debut and is unique to the 1960’s! Except one! Yes, we think you know the drill! One of these songs should not be included on this list and we need you to tell us which one and why ? Additionally we ‘d like you to give us the title of YOUR choosing that could be included in this list ? Lastly we need you to give us the names of the talented artist’s who, respectively and  originally recorded and released these 60’s classics including the song that doesn’t belong, as ell as your selection ?

In Summary here’s what we need:

) One  of the 10 titles just above should not be included in our list! We need you to tell us which one and why ?

2) Give us a title of your choice that could be included in our list ?

3) Give us the names of the artists who respectively and originally recorded and released each of the songs, including the one that doesn’t belong and your title suggestion ?

Meanwhile as you struggle through another Tuesday morning memory test, why not take a moment click on the link below and browse Omnivores awesome catalog of the coolest music in the known world and beyond!


Remember, you can answer the weekly trivia quiz as often as you like, but can only win a groovy Omnivore C.D. Every 30 days!…



    • Hey John, I’d like to add that as of today you’re the only reader to correctly answer the question!
      Well done!

  1. This is tough, since some folks, including The Ventures, do not consider Walk Don’t Run as instrumental surf music. Nevertheless, King of The Surf Guitar stands out as the only song with a vocal.
    1) “Apache” Jorgen Ingmann (far superior to The Shadows’ version)

    2) “Miserlou” Dick Dale

    3) “Mr. Moto” Belairs

    4) “Out of Limits The Marketts

    5) “Penetration The Pyramids (at the time the only surf band with an African-American in it)

    6) “Pipeline” The Chantays

    7) “Surfbeat” Dick Dale and his Deltones

    8) “The King Of The Surf Guitar” Dick Dale and his Deltones

    9) “Walk Don’t Run” The Ventures

    10) “Wipeout” The Surfaris

    • Hey John,
      As usual you are correct on all your comment! I get what your saying about “Walk Don’t Run, in fact I considered using “Don’t Run 64” but that messed with the status within the question…I also agree with your comment about “Apache”
      Thanx John!

  2. I’m guessing today…
    Wipeout has a drum solo.
    How about The Lonely Surfer?
    Apache- The Shadows
    Miserlou-Dick Dale
    Mr. Moto – The Bel Airs
    Out of Limits- The Ventures
    Penetration – The Pyramids
    Pipeline – The Chantays
    Surf Beat – Dick Dale
    King of the Surf Guitar- Dick Dale
    Walk Don’t Run – The Ventures

    • Hey J.C.
      Sooo, as per the question, which title doesn’t belong annd why ? and what song would you add ?

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