The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 12 / 27


 Yes indeed! Santa has come and gone! But we are here with something a little different for the final days of 2022! Today, rather than a trivia question, we’re featuring an “Encore presentation” of one of our most popular pieces from our past! SMS made it’s debut in 2016 and has acquired a loyal world wide audience, so for many of you may have. missed this the first time around! But! Before we get into this weeks “re run” we’d like to recognize all the brilliant readers who weighed in on last weeks question which was all about The great Kenny Rogers, his first hit and his first band “The First Edition”  Mr. Fred Vogel! was first in but came up a little short on all the correct answers! Always great to see you Fred and stand by, there will be an all new trivia quiz next Tuesday! Steve Winogradsky followed Fred, and as usual completely nailed the question! Congrats Steve and thank you Fred for always being here for Tuesday Trivia!

And now, as the editors and staff at the SMS “Trivia Quiz” desk took some well deserved holiday time off we offer you a very popular piece we posted in August 2018 about The Beatles “White Album” Most importantly, like every thing else we do here at SMS, we want to hear your thoughts and opinion, so please don’t be shy! And please come back again next Tuesday in the new year with an ALL NEW “SMS Trivia Quiz” But, for now click the link below!…

The White Album ( single disc edition ? )


  1. I believe this was the last Beatles’ record to have both a mono and stereo version. The mono version (IMHO) sounds different, with Paul’s bass (on some songs) more defined. There are some tracks that probably could have been left out, but after the release of Freak Out, there seems to have been an interest in double albums. Chicago Transit Authority, another iconic double album, could (and should) have been pared down to a single release. Cheers and I hope everyone had a good Christmas!

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