The SMS Trivia Question of the week 12 / 6…

Ho! Ho! Ho! And no, that’s not Santa, (but he is a clue) and yes it is time for the all new SMS Trivia Question for Tuesday, December 6th! Brought to us each week by all the very Groovey folks at Omnivore Recordings! your only true option for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! BUT! Before we unveil this weeks quiz, we’d like to acknowledge the brilliant readers who chimed in on last weeks question, which was all about our favorite Dog from “Three Dog Night” the ferociously talented singer/songwriter Danny Hutton! Surprisingly Danny’s notoriety isn’t as strong as we thought, as only one reader showed up with correct answers! And that was our long time SMS reader and nearly always Unstumpable Super Genius Mr. Steve Winogradsky! Omnivore is slipping a new CD into Santas’ bag for delivery straight to you!

Ahh, but now, it’s time for the brand new Trivia Question of the week: Check out this odd but genuine lyric just below:

Ooo eee ooo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang” Yes,That is your lyric! And naturally we need the title of the song that includes the lyric, as well as the name of the singer/songwriter who had the audacity to record and release it! The truth is this record was released in1958 but jump started  not just a career in the music business but an entire franchise! Saturating the world of Television and radio throughout the 1960’s and beyond! Furthermore the franchise was built around three primary characters, give us each of their names ? Among the many achievements in the franchise is a Xmas song which, thru the years has become a Xmas classic! What is the title of this silly Xmas classic ?

In summary, here’s what we need:

1) Give us the title of the song that includes the lyric just above ?

2) Give us the real name (not the “Stage name”) of the talented singer / songwriter who wrote, recorded and produced this novelty from the late 50’s ?

3) Give us the names of the three characters that are featured in everything the franchise produces ?

4) Their catalog of music includes “A Christmas song which was a huge hit for the group in the very early years of their career! Give us the title of this silly Xmas classic ?

Meanwhile, break out your satchel of “Grigri” click on the link below and browse Omnivore’s awesome catalog of the grooviest music in the known world and beyond!



  1. 1 Witch Doctor
    2 Ross bagdarsarium
    3 Alvin, Theodore and Simon
    4 The Chipmunk Song

    Piece of cake here, I think

    • BTW, me and my 3 brothers grew up LOVING those 45s. Still have the originals of some like Chipmunk Song and Alvin’s Harmonica with pic sleeves! My dad brought us the Christmas LP when he returned from FAA school in OKC one year and what a hit THAT was! I started writing my own top 40 pop charts in 1963 and my first #1 was the Chipmunks’ “Rudolph” 45 with pic sleeve.
      TOO MUCH INFO? haha

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