The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 2/9

Yes, here we are once more with the Tuesday Trivia Question for February 9th! Brought to us each week by “All the Groovey People” at Omnivore Recordings. Your number one destination for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! However, before we get to this weeks question we’d like to recognize all the brilliant readers who weighed in on last weeks quiz, which was: all about the Jan and Dean car song classic “The Anaheim Azusa and Cucamonga sewing circle Book Review and Timing Association”….Yeah, that one! First in but with only half the answers was Mr. Clark Besch! Followed by Owen! He needed two tries but eventually, he nailed it! Coming in third but with his usual informative, insightful and entertaining full compliment of correct answers Mr. Curtis Stone!  Thanx and congrats to all three of you brilliant, trivial gents!

But now! It’s time for this weeks new Trivia Question: This week we’re going to go deep on a band who’s name you might not immediately recall, but their place in 60’s music history and their further story is rather profound! The Band is The Iveys( pictured above) and we have a lot of questions… We’ll begin with, what was the title to their first single and their only album? Next, after their significant early success as The Iveys, they decided to change their name! Who did they become? Now, how is Paul McCartney connected to the band, furthermore, how is George Harrison connected? How is Todd Rungren connected, as well as Harry Nilsson and Mariah Carey?

Yeah! A whole lotta questions, but in summary here’s what we need:

1) What is the title to The Iveys first single and album ?

2) After their first single and album, The Iveys changed their name to become ?

3) How is Paul McCartney connected to the band ?

4) How is George Harrison connected to the band ?

5) same question goes for Todd Rungren, Harry Nilsson and Mariah Carey

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  1. I only have limited knowledge of the “IVEYS” because I am fairly sure they were mentioned in a previous SMS BRAIN BUSTER. I DO know them as “BAD FINGER” from the *FIRST* record album (as BF) from the “MAGIC CHRISTIAN” flick; which I “think” I saw with some of my Ca. friends (aka “The Wood-Is-Shoe” & Co.!!!).
    I would day that both Paul & George either produced and maybe wrote for/with BF.
    The GREAT BF song “Without You” was recorded by the equally GREAT Harry Nielson. Todd Rungren was the song’s creator & Maria (I would guess) also covered this song as well.
    ……. I’ve gotta try and find that film “MAGIC CHRISTIAN”….over & out…wood

  2. Might come close today.
    1. maybe Tomorrow, 2. Badfinger, 3.Wrote their hit Come & Get it 4. Produced them 5.Covered a song written by them.

    • Hey Clark,
      No, you didn’t come close, YOU NAILED IT!
      Great Job…Gotta check the timing of your post, but to me, “You’re always a winne! Speaking of that, Omnivore Recordings confirmed to me last night that they had just sent you one of their CD’s for being our winner two weeks ago Congrats once again!
      Rick / SMS

      • Many thanks, Rick. I was not sure exactly if I was correct on everything. have you read about the new badfinger/Joey Molland CD coming out? I have heard the Rick Springfield version of “Love is Gonna Come at last” and it’s quite good.

  3. This one required some research. Jeff’s got it all. Nicely done.. ha know. Nilsson used the do demos for my dad ay central songs. Back before stardom reared his head. Long before “the point” without you and his nights at the troubadour with Lennon. Ya know. I think i might have a recorded version of “without you” on a casette i recorded with a few friends sitting around a huka. However. I doubt that is one of the 180 versions of the song that is mentioned in my Iveys. Excellent question Shoe. Fun to go back to Badfinger and read about them. I loved that band. I know about the McCartney/Beatles connection. But did not know Harrison produced “Day after Day”. It’s so obvious now that i know it… thanks again for the 60s trip down memory lane..

    • Hey Curtis!
      Thanx for the kind words, and I’d pay big bucks to hear your take on “Without You” so, if you should come across it please shoot a copy to me!
      Yeah, Badfinger… It’s always bothered me that they never got the props and recognition they soooo dearly deserved!
      If your interested, here’s a link to a piece I wrote about the band in the very early days of SMS…Their personal stories are so profound!
      Thanx Curtis,

  4. 1.vegetable 2 badfinger
    Come and get it.3 mccartney harrison toddrungren producers. Sonwriters. Harry nilsson wrote. “without you mariah carey had a big it

    • Hey Tom,
      Great to see you once again, got a question…Are you saying “The Iveys’ first single was a song called “Vegetable” ?
      If so, you may want to re think that one! also, The Great Harry Nilsson did in fact record an incredible version of “Without You” But he didn’t write it! It was written by Pete Ham and Tom Evan’s from Badfinger!
      You, of course nailed the rest!
      Always great to see you here at SMS!

    • Mr. “C”
      I may be splitting hairs here but…Wasn’t Badfinger’s first album called “Magic Christian Music”? Either way, Yes, Come and get it was on it! And if you ever hear McCartney’s demo it’s exactly the Badfinger record!
      By the way, did you know that Beatle “Roadie” Mal Evan’s signed the band to Apple and is credited with producing a few tracks, if not the whole first album?
      “Would you walk away from a fool and his money”? or something like that!
      Always great when you drop by

  5. If you want it, here it is…..
    1st single “Maybe Tomorrow” Album only released in a few European countries.
    Badfinger, of course
    Paul produced “Come and Get It”
    George produced “Day After Day”
    “Without You” was recorded by my late friend Harry Nilsson as well as Mariah
    Todd produced “Baby Blue”

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