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Yes! It’s Trivia Tuesday for Feb. 26th.  And, as you all know, Trivia Tuesday is brought to us by the fab folks @ Omnivore Recordings! Your number one destination for only the Tastiest music on the planet! Additionally, once more this week, Omnivore will award a free very Groovy CD to the first reader in with the correct answer to this week’s question! But, before we get to this weeks question, we want to recognize the two brilliant readers who weighed in on last weeks question, which was: What Lennon/McCartney song shares the same title as one of The Dave Clark Five’s many hits? The Answer is, “Because” But you knew that, dintja? last week Fred Vogel knew that and he was first in with the correct answer, as was Ron Wood, However Fred beat Ron, by just a few minutes! So Fred Vogel is last week’s recipient of the Omnivore CD! Congratulations once more Fred, and it’s a new week Ron, so another opportunity to nail the Trivia Quiz!

And here it is Guys and Gals, this week’s new Trivia Question:This week we’re raising the bar a bit, so we sincerely hope you’re wearing your 60’s Trivia pants!

1) The Chambers Brothers

2) The Everly Brothers

3) The Isley Brothers

4) The Righteous Brothers

5) The Statler Brothers

6) The Walker Brothers

Just above is a list of SIX  popular “Brother Acts” from the 1960’s                                                                      Just Below is a list of TWELVE hits from the same decade

1) “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

2) “Baby I Need Your Lovin’”

3) “Crying In The Rain”

4) “Flowers On The Wall

5) “Heart and Soul”

6) “I’m Your Puppett”

7) “Just My Imagination”

8) “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore”

9) “The Way You Do The Things You Do”

10)”This Old Heart Of Mine”

11)” Time Has Come Today”

12) “Unchained Melody”


Here’s your mission should you decide to accept it”                                                     Select only 6 songs from the list of 12 and correctly match each one of your six with the appropriate “Brother Act” that had the hit?

And for clarity and simplicity, The Brother Acts and The Hit Songs are In alphabetical order!

Good luck! The clock is ticking, tick, tick, tick,

Meanwhile, below is a link to Omnivore Recodings, while your thinking check out all the great music they offer!




Lastly, remember you can answer the trivia question as often as you like, but you can only win one CD every two weeks!







  1. Rick, I look forward to participating. YOU KNOW, BUDDY, I LOVE THE 60’S.. I hope you are doing well…

  2. The first song to jump out at me was “Who’s That Lady” by the ISLEY BROS. I habe always liked the guitar intro AND the guitar TONE…JUST GREAT!! Others I recagnized are: “Time Has Come Today” by the CHAMBERS BROS. “Unchained Melody” by the RIGHTOUS BROS. “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Any More” by the WALKER BROS. “Flowers On The Wall” by the STATLER BROS. “Cryin’ In The Rain” by THE EVERLY BROS.
    These tunes took me back to H.S. and into the beginning of the GREAT SOCIAL UPHEAVAL at the end of the 60’s!!!
    Good questions…the wood

    • Hey Wood,
      Great to see you back here at SMS!
      Good Job on this week’s quiz, you correctly matched 5 of the 6 Brother acts with their hit! And furthermore, we love “Who’s that lady” by the Isley’s…Good call!
      And, don’t forget, the next trivia question is just 24hrs away!
      See you then,

  3. Hey Steve,
    First in with ALL the correct answers, PLUS Extra Credit!
    Congrats, and Well Done!

  4. Hi, Rick, Let’s see if I got this.
    1. The Chambers Bros. — Time Has Come Today
    2. The Everly Bros. — Crying In The Rain
    3. The Isley Bros. — This Old Heart Of Mine
    4. The Righteous Bros. — Unchained Melody
    5. The Statler Bros. — Flower On The Wall
    6. The Walk Bros. — The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Any More

    I’m sure I’m not the first, but this may be correct.

    Libbie Jo

    • Hey Libbie Jo,
      WAY TO GO! You did in fact nail the question and got all 6 correct!
      However Steve W., Mark C. And Jimmy got in just a couple minutes before you!
      But big congrats “From Me To You”

      • Close enough to be near the winner’s circle. For some reason this song list got me thinking about Johnnie Ray, the 60s singer with the sob in his voice, who had the mega hit “Cry.”. I thought he recorded “Heart and Soul” but couldn’t find the evidence. I saw him perform in Vegas once. He could sing!

  5. I had ’em except for Everly Bros. I see now that it’s Cryin in the Rain. I’ll have to Youtube it. I can’t hear it in my mind.

    • Hey D.
      Very Good!
      Quite frankly, I’m surprised at the high number of readers who answered the entire question so quickly and correctly! I personally thought the question was much more difficult!
      What the Hell Do I know?

  6. Chambers bros…time has come today
    Everly bros..crying in the rain
    Isleys..this old heart of mine
    Righteus.unchained mekody. on the wall.
    Walker..sun aint gonna shine anymore

    • Hey Mark,
      ON THE NOSE!
      Well done my friend, unfortunately Fred V. Steve W, and Jimmy all beat you in by just a few minutes!
      Always great to have your participation!
      See you next week!

  7. OK, Rick, I’ll play: (1) Chambers Brothers / (11) Time Has Come Today (GREAT Song) (2) Everly Brothers / (3) Cryin in the Rain (3) Isley Brothers / (10) This Old Heart of Mine (Been Broke a Thousand Times) (4)
    Righteous Brothers / (12) Unchained Melody (CLASSIC) (5) Statler Brothers / (4) Flowers on the Wall (6) Walker Brothers / (8) The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore – Thanks, Rick!

    • Hey Jimmy,
      Great to see you here once more, as thee charter member of the SMS blog we’re always happy when you join in the conversation!
      Furthermore, you nailed the question! Well Done! However Steve W. Beat you by 7Minutes!
      Thanx Jimmy, don’t be a stranger!

    • Excellent Steve, and for EXTRA, extra credit, can you name the remaining 5 artists who had hits with the remaining 5 titles?

      • 1) “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

        2) “Baby I Need Your Lovin’” Four Tops

        5) “Heart and Soul” Is this the same song that every piano student learns as a duet? Many artists recorded this, including Dean Martin and Mel Torme

        6) “I’m Your Puppett” James and Bobby Purify

        7) “Just My Imagination” Temptations

        9) “The Way You Do The Things You Do” Temptations

        • Hey Steve,
          Wow! You absolutely nailed ALL SIX!
          And, to answer your question about “Heart and Soul” ? YES! It is THAT “Heart and Soul” we included it because it was a huge hit for Jan and Dean ( a duet not a brother act) from 1961
          By the way, the song was written by Hoagy Carmichael with Lyrics by Frank Loesser. Hoagy initially envisioned it as a more “Updated and Jazzy” rendition of “Chopsticks” Hoagy originally thought of it more as a piano exercise rather than a hit song! But what does Hoagy know?

    • Hey Fred,
      Well done!
      However Steve W. Beat you by one tiny minute….But this is the right week for you to come in second! Since you were last week’s winner of an Omnivore CD your not eligible to win again till next week!
      But!…….Once again you did nail the question before the “Ink was dry on the page”
      See you next Tuesday!

        • Hey Fred,
          Yeah, sorry bout the date screw up, I was prepping the Tuesday question on Monday and accidentally hit the “Publish” button….Yikes, sorry ‘bout that!

  8. 1) The Chambers Brothers
    Time Has Come Today

    2) The Everly Brothers
    Crying in the Rain

    3) The Isley Brothers
    This Old Heart of Mine

    4) The Righteous Brothers
    Unchained Melody

    5) The Statler Brothers
    Flowers on the Wall

    6) The Walker Brothers
    The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore

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