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Yes, it’s Trivia Tuesday for April 2nd. Made possible by our Fab Friends at Omnivore Recordings, Your only destination for the tastiest music on The Planet Earth!  This is also where we like to give a Cyber Shout out to the very brainy readers who correctly answered last week’s question which was an Anagram: “I climb the rock era” actually unscrambles to read Ritchie Blackmore.  Early in with the correct unscramble was Curtis Stone, Who also identified two bands Ritchie played guitar for Deep Purple and Blackmore’s Rainbow. Way to go Curtis! But, you weren’t first ol’ Buddy! Ron Wood also weighed in But, way too late! Read on Ronnie and nail this week’s quiz! However, first in before “The ink was dry was “First time winner b b b Brenda who nailed every detail! “Boo-Ya and congrats b b b Brenda who is this week’s winner of a very Groovey CD from Omnivore Recordings!

But Now! It’s time for this week’s question: First here’s the set up! This week we’re going to ask for your patience as we are going to get just a wee bit verbose! This week our question is about lyrics!

Here is the first verse from one of our favorite songs by a Canadian group from the late Sixties:

“Listen people to a story
That was written long ago,
’bout a kingdom on a mountain
And the valley folks below.
On the mountain was a treasure
Hidden deep beneath a stone,
And the valley people swore
They’d have it for their very own”

As the song proceeds we learn that the “Valley People” fight and win a bloody war with “The Mountain Kingdom” But when the Valley People roll back the large stone that protects the “Hidden Treasure,” They don’t find any real Treasure at all!  Sooo, here are your questions:  1)What exactly did the Valley People find beneath the stone? 2) What is the title of this great song? 3) What is the name of the Artist who recorded this great record?

And for real EXTRA CREDIT: A few years later another act covered this song, and it became the featured theme to a very popular feature film: 1)  Who covered this great song 2) What is the title to this classic film? And 3) What is the name of the actor  who played the lead character in the movie?

Here’s your summary: 1) What was found beneath the stone?

2) What is the title of the song?

3) What is the name of the artist?

4) What is the name of the artist who covered it, later?

5) What is the title to the classic film that featured the cover version?

6)  What is the name of the actor who played the lead role in the film?

“Th, Th, Th, That’s all folks”…  Six questions about one of our favorite 60’s songs!

And! of course while your pondering this week’s rather long question, check out Omnivore Recordings very Groovey Home Page and grab some GREAT MUSIC!


Remember, you can answer the trivia question as often as you like but can only win a cool CD once every two weeks!






  1. One Tin Soldier was oriinally recorded by, “The Original Castle”, the Canadian group. THe group that did it for the movie, Billy Jack was Coven. Coven was great friends of mine, so I got lucky with this questions. Rick, Hobbs was in that band. The movie was “Billy Jack, starring Tom Laughlin. Tom also Managed Coven for a time. Gold was found. “Tons of gold for which they’d kill”. Sounds a lot like The follow ship of the Ring….my pressshuss.

    • Hey Curtis,
      Always great when an insider drops in, especially when it’s YOU!
      “Back In The day” we loved Coven, especially their lead singer Jinx Dawson! We also thought it was quite ironic that the band’s most popular song “One Tin Soldier” was such a positive pop anti war song, nothing like the “Black Metal That Coven was really all about!
      Thanx Curtis, don’t be a stranger!

    • The conversation about “One Tin Soldier” got me to thinking. The message of that song, in today’s context, makes it MUCH more powerful to me than it was then.

      I can recall hearing the “cover” version by Coven and it annoyed me because the singers performance was so “Pitchy”! But yet today as I listen, it nearly brought me to tears because:

      1) the obvious marketing tactic of dividing people for monetary gain is so pervasive it is even built into shopping websites. Then there are the many “genres” of music. These are just are two examples of ways to sell more product at the cost of “self-segregating” ourselves. By the way, marketers know that competing groups tend to not like each other.

      2) The song’s mountain and valley people as waring Tribes was made into comedy on the TV Show TAXI. It is actually present, even today, in my wife’s family culture. My wife’s family were Mountain people {SHOP-ut-nay-ah] in Iran and they still are weird about the valley people [UUR-mish-nay-ah]. This is very much like red states [acting like the mountain people] versus the blue states [acting like the valley people]. And certain politicians exploit the tendency for competing groups to not like each other.

      3) someone had courage, and understanding enough to put it to words and music nearly 50 years ago. They knew it was important for competing groups to embrace each other. Whom do we have today? Can anything beat the economic and power drivers that bifurcate us?

      4) The tremendous energy in the performance really drives the message. Peace in the cities, peace on the ranches. Peace in the USA. Peace on earth.

      Lastly,Perhaps I should explain further my comment about TAXI. As you may recall, the characters of Latka and Simka are both strange and from a far away country. They can’t believe their good luck to find each other. Just as they fall in love and want to be together, they figure out it is impossible in a Romeo and Juliet way. He is from the mountains and She is from the city, so even though they happened to find each other, they still have to remember the old country feud. They decide to call it off!…they eventually change their minds!

      • Hey Bill,
        Thanx so much for sharing your insight and ALL THE DETAIL!
        Only one thing left to do, listen to the “Pitchy” but none the less powerful recording of “One Tin Soldier” by Coven

  2. Correction: the film version is by The Original Caste. Cover version was by Coven.

    • Hey Steve,
      One thing is true, it is difficult to nail down the exact facts as to which is which? Or perhaps in this case Witch IS which? Ya get me? From our memory, experience and recent research we recall and believe one thing is certain, although Coven is credited in the film, it is only the groups lead singer Jinx Dawson whose performing on the track which she recorded for the film during a scoring session for the movie! To further complicate things, we believe that The Original Caste’s version was “Temped In” during the early stage of production and ultimately used in the Trailer for the film! Bottom line, we think Bob Bigoshay got as close as anybody could to the correct answer! Are ya feelin’ Us? Something? Anything? Bueller?

  3. Song is One Tin Soldier by Original Caste followed by Coven. Movie is Billy Jack written produced and directed by Tom Laughlin. The treasure under the stone were the words “Peace On Earth”.

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