The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 3/17

“Faith and Begorrah” it’s a St. Patty’s Trivia Tuesday, for March 17th Brought to us each week by our kind friends over at Omnivore Recordings!  Your very special place for the grooviest music in the land! Ah, but before we get to this weeks very trivial question, we’d like to acknowledge the brilliant readers who weighed in on last week’s question, which was: We gave you a series of clues and asked you to identify the legendary Wolfman Jack!

First in with almost all the correct answers was Larry in Munich. Although Larry didn’t get all the details correct he still deserves the international SMS salute of honor for being honest and weighing in from halfway across the world! Well done Larry ‘Ol Boy! However, only minutes later our old friend and relatively new reader Edmund Simmons dropped in with the complete correct answers ( For the fourth week in a row) Ed! YOU ROCK! And naturally next just hasta be FAST Fred Vogel! Done deal yet again Mr. V. And then we were happy to see long. Time reader Mark L Chapman! Great to see you back Mark! AND YOU NAILED IT! Following Mark, was “Our old Buddy”  Curtis Stone! Who nailed the question and shared his experience of “Crusin” Van Nuys’ in his Chevy, listening to the WOLFMAN! Yeah Baby! And finally closing last weeks question out was our old friend and long time reader Mr. Ron Wood! Yeah Woody
Making this weeks lucky winner of a cool Omnivore CD…Freddie Vogel! “Dig the sounds Fred!

But now, it’s time for this weeks new Trivia Quiz: Take a good look at the picture just above!  In 1968 we all enjoyed a Top Ten hit song about this mythic Animal! What is the name of the song ? What was the name of the great aggregation who enjoyed this chart topper? And where did they originally hail from ? ( be careful here) And for SMS Super Genius status, what was the name of the clever songwriter who wrote this gem?

In summary, here’s what we need:

1) What is the title of the song about the mythical animal pictured above ?

2) What’s the name of the band who recorded this hit ?

3) Where was the band originally from (watch out) ?

4) And for SMS Super Genius Status: Who wrote this clever song ?

And, while your thumbing thru old copies of “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings, click on the Home Link to Omnivore Recordings provided below and treat  yourself to some St. Patty’s day music!



Remember, you can answer the weekly Trivia Quiz as often as you like, but can only win a Groovey Omnivore CD every 30 days!  May ye have the “Luck of the Irish” on  ya!…



  1. Saint Patty’s Day: our ONLY HOLIDAY honoring the Arté de BOOZING!!
    But anyway one of my H.S. Prom celbrations I attended was organized by a Cultish church I frequented with a classmate – Skip. Since their doctrine forbade Dancing their “Prom” has NO dancing but Skip voluteered the two of us to provide a couple of Folk Songs for entertaing the hyper-conservative 18 yr. olds. We WERN’T THINKING CLEARLY…the first tune we rolled out was “Drunkin’ Sailor (what do you do with)” the song was bei g ayed at the time by the Irish Rovers. The churched frowned on alcohol of course!!
    But we knew these guys & their “Unicorn Song”. Shel Silverstien wrote this song.
    The Irish Rovers came from Neil Young’s home country of Canada.
    When you spotlighted this classic folk group it opened a ton of esrly music history for me..WOW FOLK MUSIC love it!

    • Hey Woody, great stories!
      And, on a related note,
      I have fond memories of you and I cruising around L.. A. Singing along to “The Cover of Rolling Stone” recorded by Dr. Hooks Medicine Show and written by the great Shel Silverstein in the very early 70’s
      “I got a freaky old lady named Cocaine Katy who embroiders on my Jeans” I always loved that line!
      Thanx Wood,

  2. The
    Unicorn song..the irish rovers..canada, toronto….Shel Silverstein. That guy was amazing. He wrote children’s books, poems, “A boy named Sue”, “Cover of the Rolling Stone” many many other hit songs. Guys like Bobby Bare, Johnny Cash, Emmy Lou. A renaissance man for sure.
    The only line I remember from that song and I have said it on many occasions out of the blue, just to blow somebodies’ mind is; “and that’s why you never see a unicorn to this very day”. I use the accent too….I get looks like, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!?”’s beautiful. I remember the line, but until today, I didn’t remember where it came from. Thanks for the memory, Shoe…Always look forward to Tuesdays.

    • Hey Curtis,
      Thanx for the kind words! I had a feeling that the Shel Silverstein element of this weeks question would grab you and you’d have something to say! Thanx for not disappointing! I had the good fortune to meet Shel one afternoon at The Free Press Book Store in Pasadena, he was browsing thru a copy of “Crawdaddy” Magazine, and I had to shake his hand! It was circa 1970 and on a simple literary level Shel was my idol!…..Sorry I never got to hear you quote the last line in The Unicorn Song, I for one would have known exactly what you were doing! And had a good laugh!
      Thank you my brother from another mother

    • Hey Fred,
      Little surprised this one evaded you a bit….But, thanx for staying honest and the next Trivia Quiz is less than six days away!
      See you then!

  3. The Unicorn Song
    The Irish Rovers
    They originated from Toronto Canada
    Shel Silverstein wrote the song

    • Hey Jules,
      Pretty dang fast, you only missed first position by 16 mins! But YOU MAILED IT!

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