The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 5/19

“Tempus fugit” Indeed it does, as here we are once more with Trivia Tuesday for May 19th!  Brought to us each and every Tuesday by our timely friends at Omnivore Recordings! Your best option for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! And, before we get to this weeks question, we’d like to recognize the brilliant readers who weighed in on last weeks question, which was: We asked several questions about The Beatles original manager Brian Epstein. Weighing in first with all the facts was Owen! Way to go Owen, as usual! But, right on his heels was our old friend and long time SMS supporter,  Steve Winogradsky! Yeah Yeah Yeah! Steven!

But now! It’s time for this weeks new Trivia Quiz: This week our question is a lyrical one, and here you go:According to this classic song,  Who is “Late of Pablo Fanques Fair”? NEXT: When and Where wil Mr. K perform his fete? And lastly what will The Henderson’s be doing while Mr. K performs his fete? And, of course what is the name of the song and what classic album features this great track?

In summary here’s what we need:

1) WHO is “late of Pablo Fanques Fair”?

2) WHEN and Where will Mr. K perform?

3) WHAT will The Henderson’s be doing while Mr. K performs?

4) What is the CORRECT title of this unusual song?

5) What classic album includes this song?

Meanwhile as you piece together these lyrical tid-bits from one of your all time favorite albums, take a moment and click on the Omnivore Recordings HomePage link just below and browse the coolest record catalog in the known world!




And remember, you can answer the weekly trivia question as often as you like, but can only win a groovey Omnivore CD every 30 days!…


  1. These questions wake up in me an extremely VIVID snapshot of my life. I’m 19 yrs old & visiting my friend Rick Miller. I’m invited to his parents home and into Rick’s room we go and Rick has some crazy shit I admit I’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE! Now I grew up sparsely when it came to “Hi-Fi” equipment but Rick (in 1967) was about to BLOW MY MIND AWAY!! I was witness to two huge speaker cabinets (MASSIVE) in comparason to anything I’ve seen before. He hsd huge boxes which he ecplained to me wete Recievers, Preamps & a futeristic Turn Table & on it placed a Beatle slbum I had Znever heard before!! “Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. I was transported out of my here to for existential limits. The world views I clung to were DESOLVING..Iwas now an Open Book!
    SO I KNOW THIS SONG. SGT. PEPPER’S Lonely Hearts Club Band. The cover ALONE blew my mind ( NO BODY HAS DONE THIS)!!! Sooo…”Being For The Benifit Of Mr. Kite” ( REMEMBER AT THIS TIME I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS LISTENING TO!). The Hendersons are Late of Pablo Fanques Fair. Mr. K performs HIS feat on Saturday at BISHOPSGATE. The HENDERSONS will be dancing and singing as Mr. K flys through the ring.
    I will Neverforget thus…it RECONFIGURED MY MIND FOREVER!

    • Hey Woody,
      Thanx so much for your generous and detailed response! The truth is if SMS doesn’t stir up some great memories from the 1960’s, then we wouldn’t be doing our job!
      Always great when you show up and share!

    • Hey Ed,
      Remember, we’re open 24/7 so you can share your thoughts anytime, and we hope you do!

  2. 1. Circus Royal Owner
    3.Throwing 21 somersets
    4.Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite
    5.Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

    • Hey David,
      First, welcome to Sixties Music Secrets! Second, thanx for bringing an unusual level of depth and detail to your correct answers to this weeks question! After I read your answers and gave it some thought, I had to assume that you (much like John Lennon) must have had a copy of the poster that John used as his inspiration!
      Well Done David and I hope to drop by again and join the United going commentary!
      So great to see you after all these years! Please don’t be a stranger…
      Thanx David

  3. 1) The Hendersons
    2) Saturday at Bishops Gate
    3) Dance and Sing
    4) Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
    5) Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

    • Hey Owen,
      Once again, you’re first in with the correct answer with all the details!
      Congratulations and thanx Owen, see you next Tuesday!

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