The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 6/16

June is bloom-in’ and it is indeed time to “get on board” for this weeks Trivia Quiz for Tuesday June 16th! Brought to us each week by the super cool folks over at Omnivore Recordings! Your only destination for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! But! Before we get to this weeks question, we’d like to recognize all the Groovey readers who weighed in on last weeks question, which was: We asked you give us at least six example’s of 60’s teen idol’s who’s first name was “Bobby” Only two readers, who clearly had ”way to much time on their hand’s, took a break from doing nothing and correctly gave us “A Whole Buncha Bobby’s…First in from way across the land and sea was our old friend, former Top40 DJ and an obvious Sixties Music Super Genius Larry in Munich! It should be noted that Larry had so much free time, he gave us EIGHT “Bobby’s including many of their hits! Right on Larry, “And Bob’s your Uncle”  However a very “Honorable mention”Must go out to a relatively new reader of SMS for actually coming up with last week’s Trivia Quiz!  Owen! Is behind last week’s question and all those pesky Bobby’s! Thank you Owen from the very “Bobby” of our hearts

But now! It’s time for this weeks new Trivia Quiz: This weeks question is of a lyrical nature, and here we go… According to this mega masterpiece from the late Sixties, If,  I’m “Blowing smoke rings from the corners of my mouth”, what country am I in? What city am I  coming from ?  And what city am I going to ? And, what do I hear call?

Lastly, who wrote this 60’s classic and what popular band was he in when he wrote it? ( be careful on this last bit here)

And, of course who recorded and released this great record we all loved in the late 60’s

In Summary here’s what we need,: According to the singer of the song, “I’m blowing smoke rings from the corners of my mouth”

1) What Country am I in ?

2) What city am I coming from ?

3) What City am I going to ?

4) What can I hear call ?

5) Who wrote this 60’s classic ?

6) What very popular band was he in when he wrote it ? (be careful here)

7) What Mega Sixties Artists recorded and released this classic in 1969 ?

And lastly, your question about the above photo ? The answer is Yes!

And, as we do each week, below you’ll find a link to Omnivore Recordings HomePage, browse thru their incredible and diverse catalog of the greatest music in the known world!





Remember, you can play the weekly Trivia Quiz as often as you like, but can only win a Groovey Omnivore CD every 30 days!…




  1. “Whoopa hey mesa, hooba huffa, hey meshy shoosh” …Crosby
    Right on the heels of a cool c. 1973 pix of the San Simion Gang was forwarded to me by Jim I read this new trivia question! TWO FLASHBACKS of the SAME period of time.
    I regress….but we’re talking about “Marrakesh Express” by Graham Nash and written (I was Careful here because you did warn us..good thing!) while Nash was still in the Hollies.
    Graham is in Morocco. And he is comming from Casablanca. He is going to Marrakesh. He hears ..maybe two things: 1) “ALL ABOARD” & he hears “Ducks, Chickens & Pigs”.
    I’m STILL playing this album in the car at LEAST ONCE A WEEK!

  2. Okay, at Ricks prodding, and unabashedly using my internet skills here goes:
    Writer: Graham Nash of Grosby, Stills and Nash (later Young added and played it on tour)
    Going to Marrakesh In Morocco
    Coming from Casa Blanca
    Hearing the call of ducks, pigs and chickens.
    Other Band? Maybe Simon and Garfunkel, maybe Peter Paul and Mary, not sure!

    • Hey James, YES! You nailed it, ‘crept for that pesky part about what band Graham Nash was in when he wrote this gem!! In fact, to hear Graham tell the story, he will say he played Marakesh Express for his band The Hollies and they refused to record it, which led Graham to start making other plan’s! “Hello Steven and David“
      Always great to see you here at SMS Mr. “G”

  3. 1. Morocco
    2. Casablanca
    3. Marrakesh
    4. Ducks and pigs and chickens
    5. Graham Nash
    6. The Hollies
    7. CS&N

    • Hey Fred,
      Been awhile! So it’s great to see you, and as usual great to see you show up first with ALL the correct answers to this week’s question!
      To be honest, this felt like a “Fred Vogel Question” when we posted it Tuesday morning! Thanx for not proving us wrong! Great to see you Fred and the next Trivia Tuesday is only 4 days away…
      See you then?

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