The SMS Trivia Question of the Week, 7/28

Yep! It’s Trivia Tuesday for July 28th! Brought to us each and every Tuesday by the Groovey folks over at Omnivore Recordings! Thee best place for all the music that you didn’t know, you didn’t know! Meanwhile, before we get to this week’s question, we’d like to recognize the brilliant readers who answered last weeks question, which was: An Anagram… “Seen alive? Sorry pal” actually unscrambles to read Elvis Aaron Presley! First in, before the ink was dry on the page was the lovely Julie Ismert! Jules showed up with all the right answers! Great job, yet again Mz. Julie! There’s a very cool Omnivore CD on it’s way to YOU! Next in came our old friend Parthenon Huxley! He cut to the chase and nailed the question! Right On! Parth, old buddy! Last in was a new reader of SMS and a brilliant mind for trivia and music in general, please welcome Mr. Clark Besch! Welcome Clark, and well done! Congratulations! Lady and Gents!

But Now! It’s time for this week’s New Trivia Quiz: This week’s question takes us back to 1964 when if you weren’t hearing a new Beatles record on your radio, you were likely hearing Johnny Rivers “live” version of Chuck Berry’s Classic “Memphis”This was Johnny’s debut smash! According the the lyric, the singer is on the phone with the “Information operator” asking for the phone number for someone who had called him from “Memphis Tennessee” So here’s your question: What is the name of the person who called him, what was their relationship and how old was the caller?   Plus, for SMS Super Genius status, answer this: Johnny’s version of “Memphis” was not the first time the song had been in the Top Ten! One year prior to Johnny’s Top Ten smash Another artist recorded  and released Memphis and it too hit the Top Ten in 1963! What is THAT artists name?

In Summary, here’s what we need:

1) According to the song, “Memphis” while on the phone with “Information” who was the singer trying to reach?

2) What was their relationship?

3) How old was this person?

4) Give us the name of the artist who also had a hit with the song “Memphis” in 1963?

And, as we like to recommend right here each week, take a minute and click on the link below to Omnivore Recordings HomePage and browse the coolest catalog of music in the known world! You’ll be glad you did!





  1. The Girl was 6 years old, her name was Marie. I think it was his daughter. Chuck Berry was the writer and had the other version in ’63.

      • Hey Curtis,
        I’d be lyin if I didn’t say I was very surprised when you initially didn’t get this one! Chuck indeed recorded and released his version of Memphis but it came out in 1959! And yes, it was the instrumental version by guitarist Lonnie Mack that came out in 1963 we were looking for…Nice recovery my old pal!

  2. Too late to the party here, Rick. I had 2 right off, but could not remember the age or who else had a hit with it. Thanks for the welcome and hello to all. I enjoy all of your posts. Rick tried to email you last night and this morning but bounced back. FYI, Clark

  3. 1. His daughter, Marie
    2. Father/daughter
    3. 6 years old
    4. Dave Berry and the Cruisers (had to research this)

  4. Trying to reach Marie
    He was her father
    Marie was 6 years old
    Also a hit by Elvis

    • Hey Steve,
      I know Elvis cut it and I believe released it in the late 60’s but was it a hit? The record we were looking for was “Memphis” by guitarist Lonnie Mack and it came out in 63
      Meanwhile, here’s a little background on Memphis, Johnny Rivers and Elvis! As the story goes, Elvis and Johnny were friends and one day Johnny revealed to Elvis he was going to record “Memphis” at that point Elvis had recorded it recently and proudly played his version for Johnny. Elvis had created his own unique arrangement of the song! And to cut to the chase the version that we all know and love from Johnny Rivers is really The King’s personal arrangement! Naturally when River’s record came out and exploded around the world “The King was not pleased” Rivers and Elvis would never speak again and Johnny was banished from Graceland and every Elvis performance since…..”It’s Good to be the king”

    • Hey,
      Whoa, my bad, somehow I didn’t see your post, “I sir corrected!
      Lastly it was guitarist extrordinare Lonnie Mack who had the nit in 1963
      Great to see you back Sir Ed!

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