The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week 8/13

Indeed, it is, Trivia Tuesday for August 13th! Brought to us each week right here by our kind friends over at Omnivore Recordings! Your only real option for the greatest music you never knew, YOU NEVER KNEW! BUT, before we get to this week’s question, it’s time to recognize the “Very Groovey” readers who dropped in and shared their wit and wisdom while answering last week’s quiz which was an Anagram! “Diet Tremble” actually unscrambles to read, Bette Midler! Yes, “The Devine Ms. M initially got her start and eventually a Starring role in “Fiddler On The Roof,” knockin ‘em out every night from 1966 thru 1969. Then, as we all know, went on to score several hit records and multiple great movies!              Only One brilliant reader got the question 100% correct, Ronald Lewis Wood weighed in a little late  but he nailed it just the same! However first in with almost the correct answer was Fast Freddie Vogel! And close behind saw Julie Ismert and Mark L. Chapman! Way to go Ladie and Gents!

But Now! It’s time for this week’s new question: Take a good look at the (8) eight names listed below:

1) Stuart

2) Gordon

3) Jeremy

4) Asher

5) Chad

6) Peter

7) Waller

8) Clyde                                                                                                                          

And Here’s what we need from you: Appropriately pair together the correct first name with the correct last name, identifying the four gents who make up two of the most popular duets of the 1960’s! THEN, give us the professional name of each duet, and finally, The titles to at least two hits from each duet?

In summary: correctly pair together the first and last names from the eight names above, rendering four gentlemen, give us the PKA names of their two duets and two hits from each duet ( four talented gentleman and four songs in total)

Are we clear here? If not, log in any questions in the comments section!

Lastly, while your wondering if you can “do it”  or can’t “duet” Click the link to Omnivore Recotdings just below, then get out your credit card and treat yourself to some of the coolest music on the planet!





Remember, you can answer the Trivia Question as often as you like, but can only win a Groovey Omnivore Recordings CD once every two weeks!


  1. I would like to give a shout out to “Seals and Crofts”!!! Although they DID NOT make the 60s cut they still held the transition to a great 60’s VIBE!!! I mean Diamond Girl & Summer Breeze ARE SO SIXTIES. But moving along I’ll start with “PETER [Asher] & Gordon [Weller]”: Peter & Gordon, and I really liked I GO TO PIECES & A WORLD WITHOUT LOVE. Next I got “Chad [Stuart] & Jeremy [Clyde]: Chad & Jeremy with YESTERDAY’S GONE, [Sock Hop] and A “SUMMER SONG.
    AHHHHHH HIGH SCHOOL!! We had NOT A CLUE what was to come!!….wood

    • Hey Woody,
      While you are correct Seals and Croft’s are really a 70’s band, you may be surprised to know that this great duet signed a record deal with a very small independent record label “T.A. Records” and released two albums in 1969! Both records barely saw the light of day and certainly never hit the charts, BUT they did come out in the 60’s!
      Great call Wood Man…

  2. Peter Asher and Gordon Waller (Peter & Gordon)- A World Without Love and

    Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde (Chad & Jeremy) – A Summer Song and Willow Weep For Me.

  3. Chad Stuart (correct spelling) and Jeremy Clyde aka Chad and Jeremy. Yesterday’s Gone and Summer Song

    Peter Asher and Gordon Waller aka Peter and Gordon. Woman and World Without Love

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