The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 8/25

It’s Hot!  That’s why this weeks Trivia question for Tuesday August 25th is all about “Surf Music” and all it’s coolness! Brought to us by all the Honey’s and Hodad’s over at Omnivore Recordings!  Your only real resource for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know,  BUT! Before we get to today’s “Way Cool Question”, we’d like to recognize all “The Cool Heads” that weighed in on last week’s question, which was: We gave you the names of six “British Invasion” bands and asked detailed question about each band! Coming in first with all the right answers was our old friend and long time reader Mr. Steven Winogradsky! Well done Mr. Dub Ya! Right on Steve’s heels was new comer and a SMS Super Genius, Mr. Clark Besch!  Way to go Clark! And finally wrapping up last weeks correct answers was our really old buddy Mr. Curtis Stone! Yaye Curtis, we love it when you share your personal details! Thanx and Congrats to one and all!

But Now, it’s time for this week’s new Trivia Question for the week! As we sweat thru these last dog day’s or summer, we thought we’d stir up  a refreshing Quiz about “Surf Music”! That genre of music that appeared between the birth of Rock n Roll in America in the mid 50’s and The British Invasion in the mid 60’s  “Surf Music,” Instrumentals, prominently and primarily played on electric  guitars, drenched in Fender reverb to give the recording that “Wet Sound.” So, here’s your question: Below you’ll find the titles to Ten  popular “Surf Guitar” Instrumentals. You’ll also find a list of Bands who recorded these great 60’s Surf songs. All YOU have to do is correctly match the song to the artist that recorded it!  But, hold on ” Hodad” Just to make it more challenging we threw in a few ringers! At least one or more of the names on each list aren’t real, Yep, we made a few of them up! So, weed out the fakes and match up as many as you can and this week the reader with the most correct matches will be our  winner!

Song Titles

1) “Baha”

2) “Bustin Surf Boards”

3) “Ho dad’s  Hang Out”

4) “Laguna Luau”

5)” Let’s Go Trippin’”

6)” Miserlou”

7) “Out Of Limits”

8) “Penetration”

9) “Pipeline”

10)” Wipeout”

There you have 10 titles and yes, one or more of them we simply made up over our second cup of coffee! And now, here are the Ten Bands for you to match up with the correct song title or maybe not!

1) The Astronauts

2) The Chantays

3) Dick Dale and the Deltones

4) The Malibu Moon Dogs

5) The Markettes

6) The Pier Shooters

7)The Pyramids

8) The Safaris

9) The Surfaris

10 The Torenados


There you have ten bands” , one or more of them we simply made up over our second cup of coffee!

Meanwhile, while you’re “Waxing your board” (or something like that) why not click on the link to Omnivore’s  HomePage just below , and browse thru the coolest catalog in the known world and beyond!




Remember you can answer the weekly trivia quiz as often as you like, but can only win a cool Omnivore CD every 30 days! Hang Ten Moon Doggie!


  1. Oh yes, the Summers of ’66 & 67
    1) “Baha” – Bogus !
    2) “Bustin Surf Boards” – 10) The Tornados
    3) “Ho dad’s Hang Out” – Bogus !
    4) “Laguna Luau” – Bogus !
    5)” Let’s Go Trippin’” – 3) Dick Dale and the Deltones
    6)” Miserlou” – 3) Dick Dale and the Deltones
    7) “Out Of Limits” – 5 )The Markettes
    8) “Penetration” – 7) The Pyramids
    9) “Pipeline” – 2) The Chantays
    10)” Wipeout” – 8) The Safaris

  2. 1 and 1
    5/6 and 3
    7 and 5
    8 and 7
    9 and 2
    10 and 9

    That’s my shot, but still not good enough

    • Hey Clark,
      “Dang Good” I believe you only missed one! There was a maximum possibility of eight correct matches!
      Well done, Clark…

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