The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week. 9/17

As Summer begins it’s cool decent, we turn the heat up a bit with this week’s Trivia Quiz for Tuesday Sept. 17th. Brought to us each week by the always cool folks at Omnivore Recordings! The only place in the Universe for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know!  BUT! Before we get to this week’s quiz, we’d like to recognize all the very brilliant readers who weighed in on last week’s question, which was: Give us the title to the classic Jamaican folk song that warns of the “Deadly Black Tarantula “ and who sang it? The correct answer was, “Day ‘O The Banana Boat Song” by the great Harry Belafonte!…Jumping On Fast and FIRST, was Jumpin’ Jimmy Gorman. “Correcto Mundo”  Mister Jimmy!  Followed closely from all the way across the big pond was Larry in Munich. Close call Lar ol boy,  but maybe this week? AND, “Taking the Bronze” was our very own Crankin’ Curtis Stone!….”Way to go” to all three of you brilliant dudes!  Plus, there’s a Groovey Omnivore CD on it’s way to Jiminy Gorman!

But Now! It’s time for this week’s new Trivia Question:  This week’s question is an Anagram, and here you are:  “Narcoleptic”  Ah, But it’s not that easy, cuz  this is what we need…

1) Tell us WHO Narcoleptic unscrambles into?

2) What is his “Nickname”?

3) What is the title of the song he wrote for his wife?

4) What is the tittle of the song he wrote for his son?

5) What was his wife’s name?

6) What was his son’s name?

Meanwhile, as your moving all those letters around in your mind, click on the link below and browse thru Omnivore Recording’s Homepage, where you’ll see and hear stuff like you never have before!




And remember! You can answer the weekly Trivia Question as often as you please, but can only win a very groovey Omnivore CD every two weeks!



  1. I believe Eric Clapton wrote “Tears in HEAVEN” in memory of his son Conor. He wrote “Wonderful Tonight” for Patty Boyd; his spouse at that time.
    I am pretty sure Eric’s nick name is SLOW HAND which of course he certainly is not….good name.

  2. Eric Clapton
    Nickname is “Slowhand”
    If you are referring to the song he wrote for his first wife, it was “Layla”
    Song he wrote for his son was “Tears in Heaven” after he died at the age of 4 in a tragic accident
    His wife’s name is Melia McEnery, however his first wife was Patti Boyd, George Harrison’s old flame.
    His son’s name was Conor

    • Hey Jules,
      WOW! Ya gotta love the rich irony in how FAST you answered a question ‘bout a guy called “Slowhand”

      • Hey Steve,
        Thanx, we were hoping someone would raise the unusual relationship between Clapton, Harrison and Pattie Boyd!
        “Something In the way she moves”….Indeed!
        Great to see you here once more!

      • Hey Steve,
        As usual you are absolutely correct! A quick check of certain dates makes it clear!
        George and Pattie were married in 1966 and remained man and wife until 1977! Once their divorce was finalized, Eric and Pattie married in 1979 and TO YOUR POINT, “Layla was released in November of 1970 ( Yes while George and Pattie were married) But here’s the Kicker, Geotge’s beautiful “Ode to Pattie” “Something” was released in late 1969 as well! Not a lot of gals can lay claim to those kinds of Stats!

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