The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week ( How Good Are You?)

YES, it’s Trivia Tuesday for July 17!  Before we get to this weeks Trivia Question we want to recognize last week’s SMS Super Genius’s who got last week’s question correct! The question was an Anagram…”Hello Snorting Set” actually spells,  The Rolling Stones !

The wiley  readers that “Figgered” it out and got it right are the always figgering Rick (aka Mr. Is) and The always Figger foto-ing Ron Wood…Congratulations to you two long time SMS Super Genius’s!

But now, time for this week’s question; Who is Appolo C. Vermouth and what is the title of the one and only hit he’s credited with ?…AND, who is L’Angelo Misterioso and what is the title of the one and only hit he’s credited with? AND, lastly what popular 60’s band were they both affiliated with? Remember what  Wile E. Coyote always sez,  “Figgers lie and liars Figger”….? Go Figger!

Congratulations and GOOD LUCK, from Mr. Wile E.


  1. If I take your sign off in the last introductory sentence for this week’s un-figger-out question I would take the two references of “LIARS” as a clue and of course come up with the “CASTAWAYS” AND THEIR SONG “liar, liar”. BUT THIS IS WHERE I HIT THE WALL BIG TIME!! SO FAR I’m STUCK!!?? I’ll keep tryin”…the wood

    • Hey Wood, it’s sooo great how you always are digging deep for clues…unfortunately, our use of the word “Figger” was only a reference to the frequent use of the word in the “Road Runner cartoon series…”Figger” and “Acme” were quite popular, but Figger or liars is not a clue this week!…..You’ll nail it surely, Meanwhile, a new trivia question is only 48 hrs. Away!
      “Meep Meep”

  2. Appolo C. Vermouth is none other than George Harrison and L’Angelo Misterioso is Paul McCartney. L’Angelo Misterioso wrote “Badge” on the Cream Goodbye album. And Appolo wrote “I’m the Urban Spaceman” with Gus Dudgeon.
    And of course they are “The Beatles”

      • Hey Jules,
        ….” backwards them had you, seems it Yes”…( O.K. Now read it backwards )

        But, as usual, you pulled it together and nailed it!
        Way to go!

  3. Paul McCartney used the name Apollo C Vermouth when he wrote the song “I’m the Urban Spaceman” for The Bonzo Dog Band. And George Harrison used L’Angelo Mysterioso when writing “Badge”for Cream. Obviously, both were members of The Beatles.

    Rick, one of the most interesting triple concert bills I saw was the Bonzo Dog Band, Poco and The Who at the Hollywood Palladium. Talk about mismatched acts!

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