The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week ( How Good Are You? )

Trivia Tuesday, for July 24th. A brand new Trivia Quiz coming up and this one is going to take you back!
Who didn’t love “The Little Rascals ? Saturday mornings and Summer afternoons we were glued to our T.V.s, fascinated with the antics of Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Butch, and of course Darla Hood! “Our Gang”
One season the gang formed a band, that band is the essence of this week’s question, remember what they called themselves?
But… Here’s Your Question; What legendary 60’s singer / songwriter formed his first band and named it after “The Little Rascals aggregation?
….just to be clear we’re not talking about Felix Cavalire’s “The Young Rascals” nope! This question is much harder than that! This question is especially for you So. Calif. music nerds, and you can count on us being among the “nerdiest”
…It boils down to this, who is the 60’s singer / songwriter who named his band after The Little Rascals band and what was it’s name?
  While pondering our question, please join us in congratulating Julie Ismert  and Steve Winogradsky for correctly answering last weeks question,  accurately pointing out that L’Angelo Misterioso and Appolo C. Vermouth are George Harrison and Paul McCartney respectively! Way to go Jules and Steve..Now, How ‘bout Them Little Rascals and the Legendary singer / songwriter?
…some folks think this question is for the birds!


  1. Paulette and I LOVE The 60″ on Sirius Radio!! Boy we hear things we TOTALLY UN-REMEMBERED!! WE ARE ALWAYS SAYING wow I TOTALLY FORGOT THIS SONG OR wow I never knew THAT NAME ETC.!!! So one of the GREATS we recently heard and had forgotten was “Sunday Will Never Be The Same” and we also remembered “Like To Get To Know You”!!! This was Spanky and our Gang, and I guess started by Spanky McFarland. I really do LIKE THESE SONGS! I can place myself way back in time and feel the era!! thanx SMS…the wood and Peditty.

    • There was another group that covered “Sunday Will Never be the Same”. I think is was Anna Crater or something like that. I had copied it on and old Wollensak reel to reel tape recorder. I don’t have the recorder, but I am pretty sure I have the tape sitting around somewhere. I’d like to dig that out and figure out how to hear it again sometime.

      • Hey Jim Gorman, we used to work in the music business and had heard stories about the fabled band “Anna’s Crater”
        Sooo you’ve got our attention! Are you saying you may have a copy of The Legenday Lost Anna’s Crater tapes? The old timers I knew in the music biz often spoke in reverent terms about their debut album “Eruption In Anna’s Crater”…
        You’re sitting on a gold mine my old friend! I’ve heard that bad bootlegs are selling for thousands on EBay
        WOW, we’d love to hear what you’ve got!

    • Hey Woody,
      We’ll begin by saying we’re with you about Sirius XM’s 60’s on six! What a great way to re-listen to the soundtrack of our lives! But, back to this weeks question, scroll down to Steve Winogradsky’s comment. We realize this weeks question is a wee bit convoluted, but Steve nailed it…Meanwhile we’d like to clarify the details regarding “The Spankys’ The “Spanky” you referenced is actually George Spanky McFarland he was the young actor that played “Spanky” the chubby brainy Leader Of “The Little Rascals and “Our Gang” series from the 1930’s!
      However the “Spanky” You were thinking of was Elaine Spanky McFarlane ( yes that is her real name, remarkable, ain’t it? ) The incredible lead singer from the 60’s “Sunshine Pop” band Spanky And Our Gang…We also loved those songs you mentioned and we’d add their last hit single a great thoughtful song called “Give A Damn”
      Thank you Ron Wood! We hope we cleared up any Hanky Panky with your Spanky’s

      • Rick, Elaine Spanky McFarlane was also in a later version of The Mamas and The Papas, taking Cass Elliot’s place as alto ( and plus size singer) with MacKenzie Phillips taking step Mama Michelle’s spot with original Papas John Phillips (Mac’s real papa) and Denny Doherty.

  2. The name of the Little Rascals band was International Silver String Submarine Band. Gram Parsons (Byrds, Flying Buritto Bros.) first band was the International Submarine Band

    • Hey Steve, we are always amazed by your speed and level of accuracy when it comes to your answers to our weekly Trivia Question! As usual YOU NAILED IT! In fact you’re the only reader who attempted to answer it, and we believe you may be the only reader who UNDERSTOOD the question!
      Great Job Steve, YOU ARE this week’s SMS International Super Genius!

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